Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sky View Center advertises its free parking

"Is retail business falling off at Sky View Center ?

A billboard featuring "free parking" was just taken by Related/Onex
on the eastern side of the LIRR train trestle that crosses Northern B'lvd. at the Broadway Station.

Is this meant to entice the gentile folk traveling from the more beautiful environs of northeast Queens to make the supreme sacrifice and visit congested, gridlocked downtown Flushing to do their shopping there ?

Why would they want to....for the free parking ?

All they have to do is travel a little further east to cleaner conditions and better shopping malls featuring the same chain stores and the same free parking." - The Flushing Phantom


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off topic...but..."BJ's" and Flushing...well.

Anonymous said...

"BJ's and Flushing" will give you traffic, dirty streets and sputum.
Forget the "Happy Ending " :-(
I'll spend my money in Long Island, N.J. or online thank you !

Anonymous said...

Keep building,we need more retail&RESIDENTIAL space in queens! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

Keep these animals away from 20th ave, please

Anonymous said...

I went there on a weekday during the day just to see this debacle. It was essentially a ghost town, even the Target was empty. Whoever designed the parking garage should have their heads examined. It is so poorly laid out and confusing. I would love to see the chaos once they actually get a lot of cars at once in there.

Anonymous said...

Yep....another "Atlas Park" failure in the making.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the Chinese haven't been supporting these stores and the "round eyes" have totally shunned them.

And College Point has got a "BJs", "Target", etc. already.....DUH!

And lots of open air free parking.

All the "BIG" plans for Flushing are imploding.

Coming soon more federally subsidized public housing.

Goodbye trying to lure overseas Chinese investors for "Flushing Commons".

They're watching what's going on here too....the final flowering of a toppling U.S. economy!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sam Chang will open another "New World Mall" it "New, New World Mall".

Live octopi, sea urchin vagina for sale.

Goor May said...

Live octopi, sea urchin vagina for sale.

Hey! I went to the Korean market and got steak---round eye steak!!!

Anonymous said...

On Northern and 155th street I had lo-faun soup ;-)

GL said...

The only draw there is the musical instrument section inside the Best Buy. Hell If I'm traveling to Brooklyn or the Bronx to buy gear when LIC's guitar center doesn't have it in stock.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Sam Ash still in business for guitars and other musical instrument needs?

I'm not going to go through Flushing traffic hell just to pick up a new set of Savarez strings for my acoustic!

Anonymous said...

Muss development must be cursing the day they built the Sky View Park project....even if they got lucrative federal "brownfield" tax breaks, etc. for reclaiming a hazardous toxic site.

If Sky View Center's big merchants start pulling out, where will Muss get his rent from....Chinese fish and vegetable stores, a supermarket and various crappy souvenir shops....that might be replacing the exiting big box retailers?

Somebody will have to fill the space if it becomes vacant.

Muss already had to return 75% of the deposits that condo buyers sued for!

Maybe he will sell his fiasco to Chinese investors (LOL) at a greatly discounted price in order to cut his losses.

Anonymous said...

building a BJs and target there just never make sense in the first place ,not to mention when I heard you need to pay for parking!

So my prediction came true, the business will go down if customers have to pay for parking when there is a free parking in college point in just less than 5 minutes drive away!

Go build something else. "Be a man. Do da wight ding!" lol.

Anonymous said...

Do people who comment here remember what this land was before? It was toxic land where chemicals were dumped there and it had to be cleaned. This was not done by the Asians since they weren't in Flushing yet. Hint Hint. Across the street are the projects. I think building a large modern building with retail stores is better than toxic land anytime. I had to see what these posters were talking about and went there on Sunday. I got there quickly, no lines and no traffic on the street despite the Mets game ended recently. Target was filled with minorities. Not just Eastern
Asians. African-Americans, Hispanics, and Indians. The workers were very polite. And guess what? Their prices were cheaper than on 20th Ave!!! I was shocked. I knew the prices at Target in Westbury was cheaper than 20th Ave but this is ridiculous. I'm talking about $.25 to $1.00 cheaper in many items. So the parking fee for the 20th Ave. are hidden in the prices. The parking parking facilities are not different from the parking you encounter at The Westchester at White Plains. Same paying method, same weird tight turns. The supermarket wasn't opened yet but I think once that opens, there will be more foot traffic. It was also very clean in the building.

Anony2 said...

I'm just glad to see an English billboard in my hood!

Anonymous said...

There's no free parking on the retail corridor on Queens Blvd. Maybe Flushing will pick off some people from those stores.

Anonymous said...

Just stopped there the other night to pick up an air conditioner at Best Buy, stupid non-central air building. Anyway, I was enticed by the free parking, as previously I had preferred to simply drive to College Point for anything I needed. Parking was easy since it was very empty, which was expected for almost 9pm on a Tuesday night. Overall I thought it was fine, especially if you are local. Although I doubt the place will ever get enough people to support all the big name stores.

Anonymous said...

was there last night. totally empty. many stores appear to not have been rented yet. the walk through the parking lot to get to best buy is a joke. and the walk from the 7 train is a joy - first past the Bland House and then take your life in your hands to cross CP blvd.

urban planning at its finest.

Wahid said...

Relating to the previous comment, I feel the same way about the Bland house. It's sad that there is public housing in the middle of downtown flushing. Who plans this?

Big Box stores, a vibrant commercial area and then Bam! a bunch of people leeching off the rest of society on your way to Skyview. What a great walk.