Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Walmart donation is sweet music to Marty's ears

From the NY Post:

Walmart is suddenly making sweet music with Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz -- once a staunch critic of the megastore's plans to break ground in the borough.

The retail giant -- angling to open in a planned East New York development -- has now cozied up to Markowitz by becoming a corporate sponsor of his summer Martin Luther King Jr. concert series.

"Walmart has been very generous in supporting events and initiatives throughout the city," Markowitz said.

"I am not philosophically opposed to Walmart but I have been consistent in demanding they show a commitment to Brooklyn by paying a fair wage, offering health benefits [and] using union workers in any construction projects in New York City," he said.

That's a dramatic shift from 2009, when a Markowitz aide wrote a scathing critique of Walmart in official documents.

"It is well known that stores such as Walmart have questionable labor practices and adversely affect neighborhood retailers," the aide wrote.

"Given that Costco is operating on two levels in Sunset Park, additional legal assurances are needed so that Related Companies or any successor will not lease to the likes of Costco, Walmart or Sam's Club," the aide wrote.


Anonymous said...

An example of Walmart tokenism.

I'm sure that behind closed doors their strategy is:

"We'll sponsor a n----r concert (excuse this particular word use) and gain favor with the underclass of Brooklyn".

And what does Marty get in exchange for Walmart's "generous" sponsorship?

Needed African American votes!

This is all around rampant racism....and not very well disguised.

Apparently...."Negroes" are still being bought....and how many years after the issue of the Emancipation Proclamation?


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, Walmart donated funds to Marty's potato chip concert stage?

Anonymous said...

Another example of a politican being a whore.
Councilman Charles Barron I think called WALMART the " 21st Century Plantation owners." or something to that effect.
Why Mr. Barron hasn't spoken out publicly with respect to BP Marty Markowitz taking a handout from WALMART is beyond my understanding.
Mr. Markowitz also has had sexual harrasment cases in the courts. This just another example in which the BP has condoned WALMART'S anti-women culture.
This is a "Shonda" on the part of the BP Marty Markowitz. He should give back the money to WALMART ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Sell principle for a pot of porridge

Anonymous said...

Marty has been in politics virtually all his adult life! Get a real job!

Anonymous said...

Marty has a real job....
milking all of you dumb-ass voters!

Go on you him!