Friday, July 29, 2011

Bayside Diner to reopen next week

From the Times Ledger:

About a year after it closed, the Bayside Diner is set to open its doors again to the neighborhood’s casual-fare connoisseurs.

Antonia Katsishtis, whose family has spent the last several months revamping the eatery, at 207-07 Northern Blvd., said the diner will open next week.

The diner closed its doors last August, and earlier this year owners Spiro and Elias Katsishtis purchased a lease on the building.

Katsishtis said the diner will return with the classic comfort-food menu items customers expect like eggs and omelettes, burgers, salads and steaks with a few modern additions to keep the place current. Low-calorie burgers served with cottage cheese will be offered as a healthy alternative to heavier items, and Katsishtis said the diner will have a small hibachi stir-fry.

In the beginning, the hours will be from 6 a.m. to midnight, breakfast will be served all day and the hours may be extended on the weekends if the place is busy.


Anonymous said...

The front advertises "steak, seafood, chops" Sounds like the same old diner dreck.

Feed Mee said...

The front advertises "steak, seafood, chops" Sounds like the same old diner dreck.

Maybe so but they don't weigh the flies!

Joe said...

They had good veggie Gyros. I get them with 1 small slice of chicken over the counter 2 minute wait.

Anonymous said...

The front advertises "steak, seafood, chops" Sounds like the same old diner dreck.

It's a diner, what the heck else did you expect?

Anonymous said...

I passed by yesterday and it didn't appear to even be open yet. I thing the sign said next week or something to that effect.

Anonymous said...

If they're leasing the property and don't own it, the food definitely won't be reasonably priced....not after the thousands they've spent on renovations.

There go all of their old Bayside Jewish customers.

After all....aren't "diners" supposed to be a cheaper alternative to restaurants?

H-m-m-m....and offering cottage cheese and stir fry....trying to accommodate weight conscious yuppies and Orientals to part with their money?

This ain't no real diner!

I'm continuing my patronage at Jackson Hole Diner.

They've got the real goods that are worth paying for!

Anonymous said...

OMEGA on 32avenue/202street is a clean, courteous, reasonable, well prepared diner type food, establishment.

Jackson Hole is a ditto ,with a parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that Greek family also own the "Veranda" restaurant further east?

With a name like Kat...shi...ts...????....
I'd pronounce it slowly and carefully.

It doesn't sound very appetizing.

Anonymous said...

all I know is I'm a Lobster lover and have eaten in many Restaurants (also Maine dock side pinic tables) and the lobster at the old diner was always perfect, I wonder if they'll get the old cook back

Past Customer

Anonymous said...

Best food ever,are you kidding,...nice clean and new, go try it