Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bloomberg paid big money to boost approval ratings

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg tapped his personal fortune this year to boost his personal image.

Campaign filings released Friday show the billionaire mayor dropped $5.6 million in March and April on a blitz of TV ads, polling and mailings designed to improve Hizzoner's reputation.

Bloomberg's approval ratings plummeted in the wake of the city's bungling of the December blizzard cleanup, the CityTime fraud scandal and the mayor's ill-fated choice of an untested publishing executive to run the city schools.


Gary the Agnostic said...

Well, that money was well spent!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know one real New Yorker that has one nice thing to say about the little shit. His illegal term cannot end fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Glad he spent his money and not ours. It really says someting when you have to spend so much to convince people.

Mayor Mike said...

I don't mind spending the money. You folks are dumb schmucks!!! I'm the best mayor money can buy...or is it I'm the best mayor that bought the job??!??!!?!?! Either way, live with it or move!

Anonymous said...

With all of his money Mike is still insecure.

He wants to be loved.

Aw.....come to mamma you little tit baby!

You may have bought your office but you can't by love.

And you WONT be remembered as a one of New York's iconic mayors......just a rich boy bumbler who used NYC as his latest hobby.

Anonymous said...

What a lousy "businessman"!

He didn't gain many points for the money he spent.

And you jerks out there voted Bloomberg to be NYC's financial savior?

Go on now and outdo yourself....give him a 4th hopeless dopes!

Anonymous said...

He can spend his money on the needy instead of rebuilding his reputation - it would be effective for the needy and perhaps his reputation's burnishment will follow.

Anonymous said...

This is a message from your Mayor:

Dear people of Queens, especially Maspeth - I don't know why you hate me so much? Allow me to explain two things.

My soulmate, miss "pee pee" lips
Quinn has never kissed me with her tongue, therefore
I deny ever having trench mouth.

Secondly, the 12 massive bodyguards that are with me at all times are not really my bodyguards,
they are my gay lovers. Now, excuse me while I remove my Burmuda shorts...