Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Postal service may shutter 5 Queens offices

From NBC:

The United States Postal Service announced Tuesday that it is considering shutting down about 3,700 post offices around the country -- and 34 offices in New York City are on that list.

You can see the list here.

The Bronx tops the list of possible closures, with 17. Manhattan has six, Brooklyn and Queens both have five and Staten Island has one.

The 5 in Queens are: Arverne, Rockaway Beach, Holliswood, Astoria (Grand) and Rosedale.


Anonymous said...

Expanded access study list? What does that mean?

georgetheatheist said...

Did you ever notice how spry and exhuberant the Fed Ex and UPS PRIVATE carrier guys are when they deliver a package to you? As opposed to the morose catatonic demeanor of the PUBLICLY-funded U.S. mail carrier?

The competitive free market vs. the collective?

Anonymous said...

Good point George!

Ever heard of a Fed Ex or UPS guy ever "going postal" either?

My neighbor once reported a postal letter carrier for always losing her mail.

He showed up at her door one day and confronted her about it.

Now she's got to open her mailbox very carefully each day.

Anonymous said...

Another step in hollowing out forgotten unfavored neighborhoods with (possibly) a lower socioeconomic make up....huh?

Anonymous said...

georgetheatheist said."The competitive free market vs. the collective?"

What crap. I'm in business and get electronic parts delivered every week.

In the 1990's UPS did an excellent job, but by late in that decade 'till now, they seem to be really making a point of roughing up everything that they carry.

My brother also complained of similar problems with the CD's and videos he receives.

At this point I specify USPS for anything delicate and at least so far, have not had problems.

As for "spry and exhuberant" carriers -please. What the hell are you talking about? here in Manhattan they are tired and have a high turnover rate. I used to know the names of the UPS guys who come around, now they change almost monthly.

Take that Ayn Rand tripe and....

NYC News & Analysis said...

First, the Bloomberg/Quinn administration closes schools, hospitals, senior centers, and day care centers. We live under a daily threat that they will close firehouses, or so it seems. Water mains break all over the city, steam pipes burst, manhole covers explode, we have blackouts in Queens during every heat wave, and, now, to add insult to injury, the government is going to close post offices. What good are our locally elected government leaders, if they are not fighting for the basic services we need to manage our lives ? I'm certain that the next thing you'll hear is that the MTA is going to once again jack up our train fares, and Christine Quinn isn't going to do a thing about it, except remain silent, of course, while we have to pay more and more for less and less service.

Anonymous said...

Is the Astoria office the one on 30th Avenue and 45 Street. Why would you close the most efficiently run post office in the neighborhood with the most courteous, professional and knowledgeble staff?

Anonymous said...


Peter said...

I'm Peter and have no principles!

Anonymous said...

What good are our locally elected government leaders, if they are not fighting for the basic services we need to manage our lives ?
That's easy - passing legislation for gay couples and renaming bridges.

That is on everyone's short list.