Saturday, July 16, 2011

Illegally subdivided Chinatown building vacated

From Downtown Express:

Fifty residents of 35 Market St., a low-income rental apartment in Chinatown, were locked out of their homes on Wed., July 6, shortly after city officials raided their apartment building.

Eight of the eighteen units in the six-story building were illegally partitioned, according to the NYC Department of Buildings, who, in responding to a 3-1-1 complaint last week, discovered the serious building code violation.

Past and current leaseholders in the building devised a system in which they subdivided apartments to create more bedrooms in order to split up their monthly rent payments. By subletting the extra rooms, the tenants blocked fire escapes that are supposed to serve as emergency exits for everyone in the building, according to Ryan Fitzgibbon, deputy press secretary for the D.O.B.

Last Wednesday afternoon, officials began taping “vacate order” notices onto the doors of the tenants’ apartments, which are separated by narrow hallways. The inspectors proceeded to change the residents’ keys so that they couldn’t return until the vacate orders were lifted.


Anonymous said...

now visit flushing/bayside to summons the asians who are cementing over every parcel of land lawns and destroying all the trees.

force them to convert back to suburban country life styles.

Anonymous said...

"force them to convert back to suburban country life styles."

You are not in a suburb.

You are in a borough of a city.

Anonymous said...

Actually there is a LAW ON THE BOOKS in NYC that forbids completely cementing over water absorbing green plots around homes...DUMB-ASS (Asiatic?) !

But who's going to enforce it....the Orientals do what they please apparently.....breaking many laws with immunity.

"We don't want to offend the Asians", has been the attitude of most politicians.


Because they contribute heavily to their political campaigns.

Then there's that little bit of social engineering that pols are promoting (under the table, of course).

Asians are being used by them to drive out the Brown & Black folk from some not so good real estate and "revitalize" neighborhoods.

These pols will never publicly admit to their racist agenda.

But they seem to frequently look the other way when Asians break the law.

Anonymous said...

During the 1950s the scenario was how many Puerto Ricans can you cram into one apartment.....30?

The Chinese can double that figure with a squirt of wok oil to squeeze in about 60 coolies.

Anonymous said...

So when are they coming to 80th Street to do the same in the 1 families with 25 people partitioning and carving out every square ft in these homes designed for no more than 4 people?

Anonymous said...

RE: cementing entire lawns around the house.

A 311 d.o.b. specialist told me it is legal?

can you detail this nyc law that forbids it?

Bayside is in some areas still suburban living with trees,shrubs,flowers, and mowed lawns.

My property is suburban, in NYC.

Deal with it.....

Anonymous said...

There is no law on the books of NYC that states you can't cement part of the front. The law states you have to reserve a certain percentage of space for greenery depending on the length of your front yard. Here in Whitestone, there's plenty of Italians and Greeks doing this. They need to park their commercial construction vehicles somewhere. Please don't use the term "Oriental" in America. It is the same as calling blacks the "N" word. In my neighborhood in Whitestone, it's the Italians and Greeks who have shoved a billion people into their homes. I still can't figure out how many Greeks are living in the house across the street from me after residing here many years.

Anonymous said...

In Oakland Gardens, Bayside and in other areas as well many of the one family houses have been demolished and replaced by huge two family houses. The corner properties especially are bought up and the one family houses are replaced with one house that looks like a mansion but is actually 2 2 family houses. Each house has 3 electric meters because the basements are also occupied. Front yards are parking lots for huge trucks with graffiti all over them. What an eyesore. Wash is drying on hangers placed on mailboxes, railings and fences. Seven years ago there were practically no cars on the streets in these areas. Now you can't find a parking spot. They were talking about downzoning so this can't continue. Too little too late. The schools as a result are overcrowded.

I guess that is why many Asians and Koreans are moving to Great Neck and Manhasset for the schools.

Anonymous said...

"Actually there is a LAW ON THE BOOKS in NYC that forbids completely cementing over water absorbing green plots around homes...DUMB-ASS (Asiatic?) !

But who's going to enforce it....the Orientals do what they please apparently.....breaking many laws with immunity."

That is so racist!

Not all Asians pave over their lawns in Queens, only the Chinamen who do not know American tradition do this. I, as an Asian who has lived in Queens his entire life and has not paved over his lawn yet, think that is racist.