Thursday, July 14, 2011

BSA approves RKO remake

From Crains:

The landmarked but crumbling RKO Keith's Theatre in downtown Flushing, Queens, will officially be reborn as a residential rental complex.

Patrick Thompson, the latest in a series of developers to attempt to rejuvenate the theater, received the final approval needed to move forward with his plans to turn the 83-year-old property, located at the intersection of Main Street and Northern Boulevard, into a 17-story, 357–unit rental building. The Board of Standards and Appeals voted unanimously, 5-0, to approve the number of apartments in the complex.

“I am very delighted and look forward to starting construction,” Mr. Thompson said.

Mr. Thompson expects to start construction of the $160 million project as early as the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

Reborn hardly describes it.

Shovel in the ground by the end of the year?

Highly doubtful in this economy.

Thompson is most likely going to flip the property to some Asian group...TDC maybe?

Jerry Rotondi, Comm. to Save Keith's Inc. said...

There's not much more to say.

A 5th of a glass of good wine is better than none.

Now the landmark ticket lobby and grand foyer, of this once magnificent theater, will be taking on its new role.

Our thanks to all of you who participated in the Herculean effort to preserve the Flushing Keith's Theater---going way back to the early 1980s.

It's was well worth it and surely deserves all of the hard work and sacrifice we put in.

The Flushing Phantom said...


The RKO Keith's current "owner de jour" Patrick Thompson has only 3 buildings to his credit.

If you "Google" him you'll soon discover that he's not a heavyweight developer.

In fact, he's practically unknown hereabouts.

Has he got the financial resources or expertise to undertake this 160 million dollar project?

Or will he be shopping for investors i.e. in China like they are for the "Flushing Commons" project?

This sordid saga isn't over yet.... certainly not until the fat lady sings!

I suggest that all of you in the community keep an extremely watchful eye upon the Keith's.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Donald Manes' old "bag man" (Queens Tribune's) Michael Nussbaum, who's representing Thompson, is busy drumming up publicity to entice investors.

That's why "Crain's" did the puff piece to give credibility to the project's developer.

H-m-m-m-m...wonder what's next?

I wonder what Thompson is paying Nussbaum?

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure....
now that this has passed through Community Board 7's hands, they won't give a glance at what happens to the theater's remains.

It's water under the bridge to them!

Everyone will be far too busy being thankful that Flushing's "eyesore" will finally be any cost.

Are you happy now Claire Shulman?

May you never find a moment's peace from the old vaudeville ghosts that will be haunting your dreams!

Anonymous said...

Well it's official. Our Grandfathers died in vain.

Anonymous said...

Who is moving in?

The landmarked lobby to a flophouse of backcountry peasants?

Lipstick on a whore is still a whore.

Anonymous said...

How many of the Farrington St. businessses will file for bankruptcy a couple of months after construction commences and the No Parking/No Standing signs go up?
Can't wait to see the mess on Northern when a lane of traffic is closed and the DOT disallows left turns onto Main and right turns onto Farrington.
Prince and 35th will then become parking lots due to congestion.
Ya might need a rickshaw to maneuver around the neighborhood.

Joe said...

"Ya might need a rickshaw to maneuver around the neighborhood"
-- -- --
I already SEEN a bicycle rickshaw hauling produce along with rat looking things on Kabob sticks around Main Street. Not far from where I buy my annual $25 Rolex and RAM sticks.

My guess is the guys going to flip the property to the Rev.Moon organization or some Chinese group. --As a "church" they will pay no taxes

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

357–unit rental building, no new roadway/mass transt infrastructure, no new utilities and minimal parking areas. Sounds like a win-win!

Gene K said...

357–unit rental building, no new roadway/mass transt infrastructure, no new utilities and minimal parking areas. Sounds like a win-win!

It is for me. Have you seen the bulge in my pockets lately?

Anonymous said...

Wake up from the 1970s
"Joe"....Rev. Moon is out of the picture.

A lot of Korean churches are actually losing congregants and moving further east on their way to Nassau county.

And the Chinese don't build churches! Most aren't even Christian.

You really are quite an uniformed,
out of touch throwback.

If you don't possess enough good sense not to be embarrassed by your own ignorant posts....we are embarrassed for you.

Anonymous said...

Paragraph 5, line 1
should read " be embarrassed...".

Anonymous said...

Check out the Queens Chronicle's article today regarding the Keith's.

Mr. Kellberg claims the current plans don't meet FAA approval.

Sorry you're wrong Chris!

Boymelgreen's project met FAA approval.

Thompson's building will be no higher than Boymelgreen's.

If you're going to spout off....please make sure your facts are correct first.

Anonymous said...

Thompson's a small fry.....a "White-boy" front for some Chinese conglomerate.

Now that his plans have passed the BSA, the property is worth more with an approved variance than it was before.

Now he can shop for a buyer.

I'm sure that Wellington Chen can help him out there.

And, of course, Chen will get a fat finder's doubt....that treacherous, overconfident midget!

Anonymous said...

As long as its not another Asian supermarket.

Anonymous said...


What did you expect to happen - the Keith sadly died many years ago. It is far from looking like the Keith in fact practically nothing is left to save.

Anonymous said...

Cant weait to see what unfolds next. Thompson is an interesting bird with lots of tricks up his sleave.

He might actually be a decent guy who is trying to do the right thing with what he was given.

Lets see.

Anonymous said...

Thompson got his variance from the BSA to build a residential project not a supermarket....dude.

You've really got to get more in touch with things.

Anonymous said...

The landmarked lobby and grand foyer is still there and remains about 98% intact....awaiting the legally required restoration by Thompson.

That's enough of a remembrance worth saving....bitter one!

Jerry Rotondi, Comm. to Save Keith's, Inc. said...

A brief historical back flash:

The Keith's "sadly died" in 1986 because then Borough President Claire Shulman--


despite overwhelming support for the measure from the community.

This fact was verified to me
by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Otherwise the LPC would have been most pleased to designate the Keith's a full interior landmark.

It was Claire Shulman that signed the RKO Keith's death warrant---
by following through with her late, corrupt boss Donald Manes' orders---to leave the rest of the theater unprotected by landmark status.

Thus, even beyond the grave, Manes continued to strike out against the Keith's through his most willing accomplice, Claire Shulman!

At this point in history,
there is no longer a community which would financially support a theater---particularly one that no longer exists in a form that can justify spending roughly 100 million dollars to "restore".

The theater's final curtain has falle.


Joe said...

And the Chinese don't build churches!

Sure they do Jackass, they are actually tax shelter or "birthing" houses where pregnant women come from China to spit out anchor baby's.
You can usually spot them no the non existent or blacked out windows yet, lots of food delivery's & garbage at the curb on pickup days.
The women live like caged bird in blacked out building for up to 6 months
Its going on all over Flushing to Bayside. Our political hacks news people never talk about it in fear of being called racist.
Good chance that whats part of the RKO Keiths is gonna be.

Yea lots of Koreans move east (lots of doctors) they especially eye Manhasset.
They suck to BTW.
The first thing most of them do before moving in cut down all the trees and pay the fines like taxes.

Anonymous said...'re a jerk.

The Chinese are not going to put a church/birthing house in a piece of real estate this expensive or so highly visible.

And, to repeat, most Chinese are Buddhists!

And as such....Buddhists worship in temples NOT churches.