Friday, July 29, 2011

City praised for flooding response?

From Crains:

Facing the threat of water-related disruptions from climate change, the Bloomberg administration has prepared better than other city governments around the country, according to a report released Tuesday.

The report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental nonprofit, examines 12 cities around the U.S. It found that the cities will face rising seas levels, increased flooding and more frequent and intense storms.

The report also predicted increases in annual precipitation, saltwater intrusion in drinking water, erosion, and strains on the water supply.

But the report found that New York was one of the best prepared cities in the group. Praising the efforts of the city's Department of Environmental Protection's climate change task force, as well as the Department of City Planning's Vision 2020 waterfront plan, the Natural Resources Defense Council found that New York was among the most proactive.

I guess NRDC hasn't been around after a heavy rain.


Anonymous said...

By best prepared do they mean large scale waterfront developments?

Anonymous said...

Supposedly there was a group that was going to challenge the findings of this report, but they all drowned in the last subway flooding.

Anonymous said...

Cut the B.S., this cant even fill a pothole!

Snake Plissskin said...

Hey folks, you might make jokes but this is why your services suck: your tax dollars are going to support all the fat cat developers to house hipsers who will automatically jump ahead of you in everything from the attention of your electeds to libraries schools and the like.

Your reward for being a polite, quiet doormat.

Your only comfort is Mother Nature has the balls to take care of this waterfront travesty, something you lack.

Anonymous said...

Was there some epic flood that I am not aware of, where the city was saved because of some innovative "flood plan", that this group is basing these findings on? Or are they just kissing Bloomie's butt?

Honor D. Ballsac said...

Your only comfort is Mother Nature has the balls to take care of this waterfront travesty, something you lack.


A little testes are we? ;-)

Hell Gate Kid said...


ya just gatta love this city.