Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Slush fund queen gets makeover in the press

From Crains:

Until recently, Ms. Quinn was regarded by many politicos as hamstrung by her alliance with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and their unpopular extension of term limits, as well as by revelations in 2008 that council funds were being assigned to fake organizations or misspent by some of Ms. Quinn's members.

But those issues are fading, replaced by the euphoria surrounding the marriage bill. Even though the drama unfolded in Albany, far from Ms. Quinn's sphere of power, she had been among the issue's champions and is now indelibly linked with an inspirational achievement.

For Ms. Quinn, some thorny issues remain. She will have to close multibillion-dollar deficits to balance the next two budgets. The business community, which is wary of her activist roots but has begun to warm to her, will expect her to hold the line on taxes. Real estate interests and private-sector construction unions will look for her to usher New York University's controversial expansion through the city's land-use review process.

Oh and she has done wonders for herself by alienating people that should be on her side by selling them out every chance she has gotten. I also like how she is getting credit somehow for the gay marriage bill passing and that somehow trumps her being a bitch, extending term limits against the will of the people and overseeing disbursement of slush funds.


Anonymous said...

By the time Speaker Quinn runs for mayor....Murdoch's media empire will have washed the soot and tarnish off of Chrissy and she'll be transformed into a sparkling beneficent angel.

As our voters keep on getting dumber and dumber...we won't have an American republic much longer.

NYC is already being run by an oligarchy of super rich real estate moguls.

I wonder just what the combined total voting IQ of the borough of Queens might be ?????

It can't be much....judging from the caliber its elected representatives.

Anonymous said...

Speaker Quinn represents a small minority of folks - gay and ultr-liberal but does not resonate beyond that group of voters. In fact she never will resonate with voters because of her unber-nasty approach to people and has never reached outside her community in any meaningful way.

Anonymous said...

I want to marry my dog.

Anonymous said...

Me too!

I. M. Nutz said...

Such a pretty Quimm!

NYC News & Analysis said...

Christine Quinn is using Taxpayer Slush Funds to payoff political bosses, like Vito Lopez, who are going to turn out the Democratic voting machine for her. The Rudin real estate family alone has donated almost $30,000 to her campaign (6 rich people). Who knows how much other billionaires are going to funnel through charity groups to skew the election. You can't assume that Quinn is going to play a fair game. Has she ever ?

Anonymous said...

The mystery is why does Bloomberg care at this point?

Gary the Agnostic said...

Did he ever?

NYC News & Analysis said...

Bloomberg cares about installing Quinn as his replacement, because he needs a puppet to keep Department of Investigation, Comptroller, and Public Advocate in check, so nobody investigates CityTime fraud, mass displacement caused by large scale development deals, or other shady acts during Bloomberg's thr33 t3rms.