Friday, July 29, 2011

Jungle by the bus stop


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for them to use the same tony avella clip saying the city should take these properties.

Helen said...

Monica Morales said that "11 complaints have been made to the Buildings Department" then added that "A stop work order has been issued". A "stop work order" on what???

Anonymous said...

AVELLA? Why is the councilman being let off the hook yet again????????

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Monica Morales try interviewing a DOB or DSNY about this eyesore? Why didn't she try to track down its owner? No wonder CW11 is a joke.

Also, this is why housing prices in Queens are so damn expensive, because too many vacant homes are not on the market and sit there unused.

Anonymous said...

This lady is so afraid that something will pop out of the "jungle", but she has no problem standing there wearing practically nothing, particularly, nothing that would protect her body from animal bites, scratches etc.

Joe said...

Hornets, Yellow jackets and mohogony wasps love nesting and foraging in this stuff.
I guess it will take some allergic person or child to get bit, loaded with hornet pheromone then attacked more and die (in that order) first.
This is a very dangerous situation.

This is what North Brother Island is like BTW.