Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Money that Quinn didn't cut...

From the NY Post:

Let’s be clear: Nobody should be getting member-item money.

These are lump-sum appropriations that corrupt the political process by giving incumbents cash to curry unfair favor with constituents; simultaneously, these cash goodies give bullying council bosses undue leverage over their underlings.

And Vallone — who apparently irritated Quinn and had his cash yanked as an example — proves the point.

Yet Quinn is cool with Lopez, who attracts the FBI like overripe pork attracts flies. Quinn channeled $4.4 million this year to his Brooklyn power base — the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council — through Brooklyn council members Domenic Recchia, Erik Dilan, Stephen Levin and Elizabeth Crowley.

While some $3.75 million is earmarked for alleged “capital construction,” the rest neatly covers salary and benefits for:

* Chris Fisher, Ridgewood executive director/Lopez campaign treasurer ($607,000).

* Angela Battaglia, Ridgewood’s housing director/Lopez girlfriend ($282,940).

(Quinn also managed to find $2 million for the United Federation of Teachers’ academically shaky charter school — but that’s a tale for another day.)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Vallone. All he will do is use this as an excuse to cut local groups that don't toe the line.

HANAC will still get their $XXX,XXX to build 14 story towers on 3 story blocks.

Anonymous said...

Very truly spoken!

The Vallones have always had their own independent power base that survives regardless of who is currently running the city hall show.

And in return for Don Vallone's "funding" HANAC always carries the bag of votes for La Famiglia di Vallone.

Anonymous said...

You mean like this?

"You fund us, we'll name a roof after you."

Anonymous said...

Cut the Stavisky's ability to fund their "North Flushing Senior Center" and there goes that dynasty's particular voting block.


Anonymous said...


Wasn't the auditorium at the Queens Botanical Garden named after a certain Queens borough president in exchange for the discretionary dollars she provided them?


You fund me and I'll kiss your ass!

Anonymous said...

And, conversely....
you bad mouth me....then I'll kick yours!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know when the Feds or the DOI will start to investigate the Finance Chair , domenic Recchia. He seems to be the teflon
Doesn't he know that Mr. Lopez is under Fed invesitagtion but it doen't seem to bother him.
Just give the BOSS MONEY !

Anonymous said...

Quinn - another big fat ugly nasty lesbian who is angry at Vallone and anybody else who stood up to her for naming the bridge after Ed Koch.

Anonymous said...

She does look like an ugly cousin of Rosie.

Anonymous said...

did the Queens democrat family dynasty's eg.Weprin's,Hevesi's , Crowley's, Stavisky's get voted in for years, for giving taxpayer money to their favorite religious groups ?