Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quinn is real estate industry's pick for mayor

From the Capital:

Certainly Quinn sounds a lot better to the real-estate world than some of the other would-be successors to Michael Bloomberg, like, say, Comptroller John Liu and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, co-sponsors of a retail rent control bill that’s anathema in the real-estate community.

One real-estate professional who was at the event, voicing an opinion that is not atypical in the industry, said Liu is "nothing more than a union puppet," and that de Blasio was "not as bad as Liu, but he comes from the same place."

The funny thing is that Quinn, whom the real-estate industry has gravitated toward since the last mayoral election, comes from that same place, too.

She started out in what was the far left of New York City politics, working as a housing activist, and then as the chief of staff for the country’s first openly HIV-positive elected official. She went on to lead an organization that advocates for victims of anti-gay violence. Occasionally, she got sent to jail for civil disobedience.

All that is ancient history now. The business community seems to have appraised Quinn, and the rest of the likely 2013 field, and to have come to a collective decision that she is the least of many evils.


Anonymous said...

And why not?

She's already got enough of the industry's $$$$$$$$ stuffed in her bra to snatch the job in a pinch!

Now all she needs is Queens ignorant voters to give her a landslide.

Providence....please save us from that venal dyke.

Anonymous said...

This is the only reason that Tammany Hall forced the gays on us - to bring them into the tent.

Now the gays have forgotten what its like to be in the cold and the rain.

They have upset our culture to get their way, now they are paying back our gritted teeth 'acceptance' of their life style by running to the public trough and gorging themselves at it.

Tammany wins once again and we are f*ked.

NYC News & Analysis said...

I do not like it when anonymous commentators denounce City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, just on account of because she is a lesbian. I am a gay man, and I post very critical posts on my blogs about Speaker Quinn's corruption record. Nobody should be using her sexual orientation or gender identity as a basis for rejecting her candidacy for mayor. It is her record of corruption, abandonment of progressive principles, and subjugation to the misogynistic, sexist, and egotistical domination of Mayor Michael Bloomberg that should concern us all. Speaker Quinn denied us a referendum on the extension of term limits, she defeated paid sick leave, and she has thwarted a living wage bill. Moreover, she uses a discretionary slush fund of almost half of $100 million of taxpayer money during this severe economic downturn to pay off political bosses in a corrupt attempt to solidify support for her karmically-doomed mayoral campaign in 2013. These, and many other reasons that are based on facts, are why we cannot support Speaker Quinn -- not because she is a lesbian.

Anonymous said...

when is the gay pride parade down bell blvd, i cant wait to walk with pride

Lucas Mucous said...

Snot fair! I'd rather pick my nose!

Anonymous said...

Right on, Louis!

The Man With No Name said...

Well Louis, accept that the gay issue is part of political discourse.

The machine doesn't give two shits for anyone. Do you really think for one minute they suddenly embraced the gay lifestyle because they are more tenderly understanding of the screwed over?

Talk to the average man and woman on the street it you don't know the answer.

The simple fact of the matter they accept the gays for one purpose: to co-opt them.

You have a large well educated pissed-off cohort that is hostile to the machine. Solution?

They aint fools. Tammany may be Irish Catholics but they like power and they like making money. By bringing them into the tent they can give the gays a taste of both and know that, and in a time honored tradition of machine politics, that is just the ticket.

Winning over the public is a piece of cake. Between the blandishments of City Hall and Hollywood, its a slam dunk that given time, more people are accepting of gay people.

But trust me, this marriage thing is going to open up a can of worms - just ask the those with multiple spouses, the Mormons, Muslims, etc just waiting on the wings.

The fact that there is a big upsurge of gay people into politics is interesting, open to speculation and far beyond the space and time for this blog. But something that should be addressed.

But the bottom line is that although gay people fully know what its like to be marginalized, unfairly treated, their inclusion into the Tammany Tent has done almost nothing for the rest of us sitting out here in the mud scrimping for roots and bark for sustenance.

Our acceptance of the gay lifestyle has done precious little for us and the consequences down the road are scarcely imagined.

Anonymous said...

So go get married Louis and raise a family!

Anonymous said...

And how many gay divorcees will we be seeing soon?

There are a lot of lawyers who are going to get even richer soon....doubling their chances of getting clients with gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

Quinn is a prime example of being co-opted....brought into the tent of political corruption.

Since she's been well fed on power....
she doesn't seem to give a crap about gay rights anymore....only about keeping hers and gaining more!

Cherokeesista said...

In reference to your Gay pride Parade !!!! I am DEEPLY OFFENDED when I see some IDIOT wearing Native American Regale Wear and you know damn well hes not a member of any Native American Tribe:( But thats ok right we don't want to offend anyone that's gay but they can OFFEND MY ANCESTORS!!! PATHETIC :(