Saturday, July 16, 2011

Did Bloomberg buy Addabbo vote?

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg apparently did not limit his thank-you contributions to just Republicans who voted for gay marriage.

addabbo.jpgBloomberg also sent a maximum $10,300 donation to state Sen. Joseph Addabbo, a Queens Democrat who flipped from his opposition two years ago and voted last month to legalize same-sex marriages.

A Democratic source confirmed the donation today.

A Bloomberg aide confirmed the mayor donated to Addabbo, but had no further comment.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually think ANY politician is there to do their job (PUBLIC service). These politicians are here to line their pockets and get as much as they can with doing as little work as possible. Sort of like the police and any other half ass crack job people are given.

I swear 80% of the population in this city are fucking RETARDED.

Anonymous said...

$10,000 from one person ? and Padavan and the three democrats are being demonized for a measly $2000. from an entire Indian Church Congregation ? Does that not amount to $.50 per church goer?

Is that not overkill by Avella and his democrat/media /complex ?

Remember HOMO/MARRIGE,ADDABBO in November,2012 ?

NYS needs a referendum for the people to voice their opinion on this law.

Anonymous said...

queer joe

Anonymous said...

"Remember HOMO/MARRIGE,ADDABBO in November,2012 ?

NYS needs a referendum for the people to voice their opinion on this law."

Another anvil for you to pound your block head into.

Times have changed gramps.

It is fine if you want to object to this new law -but don't propose to waste my tax dollars on an your conservative agenda.

This don't matter to me.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, anonymous1

Anonymous said...

It is a matter of civil rights Mr, Homophobic - from a atraight granny who called Sen. Addabbo to discuss the law with him. And yes, I will vote for him again.

Anonymous said...

So you will vote for someone who was bribed to vote a certain way because you like the way he voted? Typical idiot NYC voter.

Anonymous said...

And why not?

Isn't Bloomberg always on a shopping spree?

How many Queens politicians does he own?

As Mayor Mike might say,
"Uh, hang Councilman "X" to the left of my Rembrandt in the drawing room".

Anonymous said...

It's called the "lavender lobby".

Look at Jackson Heights.....
Councilman Danny the different Drommer.

Anonymous said...

"Fuck you anonymous"?
Well somebody wants to fuck someone (in the back door?) that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

If contributions from Bloombucks equals bribes then the state's repubs have been bought and paid for for years.

Anonymous said...

RE: straight granny, will you also support triple homo /marriage, and homo partners with their dog ?

where is homo/civil rights documented in the Constitution ? This deviation is not condoned by the majority of U.S.citizens .

California voters said NO in a state referendum and a homo judge over ruled them.

the nys voters had no vote at all.

The law was bought and paid for by homo/marriage lobbiests.

no law that is forced on the public will be accepted.

these pro-homo /marriage politicians will be ousted soon.

Anonymous said...

the whole state's gone homo happy!

Visit gay NYC or gay Frisco.

OR become by-coastal and visit both!

LOL !!!!

Maybe closeted Bloomberg will even finally have the guts to marry a guy.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 12:

No they won't be, Gramps, and you know it. They will be reelected for the reason that you think that they will be kicked out of office. Deal with it.

And no one is going to be weird enough, much less stupid enough to file legislation calling for "triple homo /marriage, and homo partners with their dog".

Anonymous said...

from the :Gov. "Homo/MARRIAGE Cuomo "revealed yesterday that he raised $6.2 million in campaign funds --from lobbyists,unions, and a GAY RIGHTS ORGANIZATION-- during the first half of the year, and currently has a war chest of $9.2 million cash.

One of the largest contributions, $60,000. came from the EMPIRE STATE PRIDE AGENDA,A MAJOR GAY -RIGHTS GROUP, six weeks before Cuomo won passage of the same -sex marriage bill in the legislature.

Is this not legislation through BRIBERY ?

Anonymous said...

It's like a new toy for gays.In a few years when they see the emotional and financial toll divorce imparts,the whole thing will fade......

Anonymous said...

1. most people want to leave guys alone, but really do not support gay marriage.

2. gay acceptance is from two sources: the influence they have in the media, and even more importantly, the need by Tammany Hall to keep them inside the tent as opposed to outside the tent where they can do a lot of damage.

3. this opens the door to just about anything: the first will be legalization of multiple partners, by Moslems and Mormans, and then, as they gay lyricist once wrote, "Anything Goes"

Anonymous said...

I wonder what percentage of addabos district supports his vote.

Anonymous said...

in San Fransisco, many of the businesses have been awarded "WAIVERS FROM BUYING OBAMACARE ".

Is it just a coincidence that these businesses all are located in Democrat Cong. Nancy Pelosi's district ?

Might they also be Homo/marriage owned businesses?

the rest of us citizens are being FORCED by Obama's democrat /progressive government to buy Gov. insurance that his supporters do not want, in 2014. WHY ?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 15: It's called "politics as usual" and supporters of both parties do it. Not to justify it - just stating the facts.

Do you think that the Koch Brothers are throwing around their money to RepubCons out of the goodness of their hearts?

Anonymous said...

no g.o.p.member of theHouse of Reresentatives voted for the Forced Obama Care bill. It was a majority democrat bill and signed into law. Now that the public unions read it ,they got "WAiVERS" from being Forced to buy it.

do you not remember N.Pelosi saying "we have to pass it to find out what is in it" ?

They read and did not like it.....

Anonymous said...

Addabbo is worse than Serf. Dump this do-nothing embarrassment.