Thursday, July 28, 2011

NYPD searching for 2 sex assault perps

From NBC:

Police are looking for a man wanted in connection with the attempted sexual assault of a woman who was followed from a Queens subway station.

The incident took place at 3:50 a.m. on July 14th.

The victim was walking away from the Queens subway station when she was grabbed by the suspect, thrown to the ground, forcibly touched, but able to escape, police said. Police declined to say where the attack took place, citing the victim's privacy.

The suspect fled on foot. He is described as being Hispanic, in his 20s and approximately 5'3" and 145 lbs.

He also has a small scar on the right side of his lip and was wearing a black Yankee baseball cap, a black and grey hooded sweatshirt, black jeans and black sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477).

From CBS:

Police are asking for the public’s help to track down a sex assault suspect in Queens.

Authorities said the suspect followed a 35-year-old woman near 89th Street and Jamaica Avenue on Tuesday morning before he grabbed her from behind and placed her in a choke hold.

Police said that the suspect then dragged the woman into an alley, punched her repeatedly and sexually assaulted her. The incident happened around 6 a.m. Tuesday in the Woodhaven section.

The suspect is described by police as being a Hispanic or Guyanese male in his mid 20′s, approximately 5’9” tall with a medium build and short black spiky hair.

One Astoria woman fought back and got her attacker caught:


Anonymous said...

Women,carry a small knife and dye marking mace................Slash,don't stab!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anon, I think that is both dangerous and terrible advice. Dye marking mace (Is it legal? I don't think mace is in NYC), maybe, but slashing someone who is probably substantially stronger than you and not mentally healthy is likely to enrage them and endanger you.

Snap a photo, scream for help, whatever, but don't escalate a situation that you cannot control or win.

Also, don't get yourself criminally charged and let a perp walk.

Live to fight another day!

Anonymous said...

I bet this guy is an illegal immigrant . Anon 2 is right ,I wouldn't slash him ,I would stab him....and yeah I know the consequences.

Joe said...

"Snap a photo, scream for help"
Hahahha !! That's more likely to turn a rapist on !
All these fence jumping "squat monsters" have HUGE mental issues and problems with women and alcohol. It has to be genetic.
Anybody who thinks the cops are going to be around when you need them is due for mental evaluation.

Get your CCW permit, shoot them between the eyes or upper left quadrant then run.
You will need to get to close to an assailant once you whip out a knife, that's very dangerous and requires training.
At worst it better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6
This shits all the Mayors fault for inviting these 3rd world animals (future Democrats)here then protecting them like endangered whales.
Things are only going to get worse.

Tell ya a story It the old days on Troutman street some PR pulled a girl into an ally at night. These guys came flying out of their houses with bats. My mother pulled me away from the window and closed the blinds.
The next day you could see a "spot" with a trail dried blood running all the way down the street to Central ave.
That wouldn't happen now.

I hate to say it but most Americans men have become woosies with no balls. And these 3rd world parasite criminals know it
I saw 2 men getting manicures walking past the woman's hair place today !!! Shit they even sell handbags for men in the hamptons

Anonymous said...

Anon -1

Suggest women be permitted to carry firearms without all the red tape.

Word gets out that even 1 in 20 have a gun perps will stay away. They are cowards anyway.

An armed woman is an empowered woman.

Anonymous said...

"but slashing someone who is probably substantially stronger than you and not mentally healthy"

yeah ok

"approximately 5'3" and 145 lbs."

My 13 year old niece is bigger than this dude. And if he's that small he definitely has size issues... LOLOLOLOL

Cherokeesista said...

Punch the lowlife in his THROAT!!!! I think she did the right thing :) She more than likely saved someone from being raped :(