Monday, March 28, 2011

Saying 'adios' to chica chica

From the Daily News:

They're called "Chica Chica" cards - and they're flooding Corona and Jackson Heights, Queens.

They look like baseball cards. But instead of featuring A-Rod or Derek Jeter, they have graphic pictures of naked or half-naked women - with a phone number offering free delivery.

They're really the business cards of prostitutes and pimps who operate along a stretch of Roosevelt Ave. in Queens - and a move is afoot to make them illegal.

Queens Democratic Sen. Jose Peralta wants to make it a crime to distribute the raunchy cards. He and his Assembly counterpart Francisco Moyo have introduced a bill making distribution of the cards a misdemeanor, categorizing them as obscene material.

"Is this going to eliminate prostitution? It's not," Peralta said. "It's the first step toward improving the quality of life on Roosevelt Ave."

The lawmakers say that on a nighttime walk down Roosevelt Ave., there will be men uttering the words, "chicas, chicas," which means "girls, girls" - and they'll thrust forward one of the cards.

Residents are fed up.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown calls the "Chica" cards "a vexing problem that is plaguing our communities."

But he said a law to ban them raises "difficult legal questions under the court's interpretation of the First Amendment."

Well where do I begin with this one? First of all, it's refreshing to see legislators trying to do something that actually benefits their constituents for a change instead of just being full of sound bytes and fury, but signifying nothing. Calling in the Guardian Angels - not the worst idea in the world. It won't cost us anything and they may actually help the situation since goodness knows we don't have enough cops to handle this.

Richard Brown, on the other hand, should have used the opportunity to let the distributors of this smut know that he is investigating and prosecuting them. Instead, he wimped out by hiding behind the first amendment. Sadly, most, if not all of the women working as "chica, chicas" have been abused and likely are the victims of sex trafficking. (Of course if Brown did start a crackdown on whore ads, it would put his friends at one local newspaper out of business.)


Anonymous said...

Could it be a MultiMedia (Trib) gimmick?

Anonymous said...

It's a start and the Guardian Angels have historically signified that when they step up to the plate - it's because the local police are unwilling or missing in action to protect a neighborhood.

Let's get rid of of the illegals standing around up to no good. Drugs, prostitution, robbery, scammers - get rid of this in our neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

vibrant diversity

Anonymous said...

Calling in the Guardian Angels.

Let the lawsuits begin! The Guardian Angels are 10x more power hungry than the NYPD.

Unknown said...

They can add the asians in Flushing that stand around handing out cards and saying "massagee"

Anonymous said...

And Corona was named one of the best neighborhoods to live by the Daily News. What a joke!

Tribune Mike said...

Could it be a MultiMedia (Trib) gimmick?

It's OUR ads or NOTHING! Get it?

Anonymous said...

Almost as annoying as the Chica Chica miscreats along Roosevelt Avenue is the plague of Chinese prostitution outfits masquerading as "massage parlors". In Jackson Heights, you walk down Roosevelt hearing an endless chant of "Chica Chica" by the latinos and "Massaje, Massaje" by the Chinese. I hope the local pols do something about this epidemic of prostitution in our midsts--no word from Danny Dromm on this one even though it goes on in his own backyard.

Anonymous said...

Prostitution and the degradation of women are not protected by any free speech.

But, they are loath to move in against anything that would make life difficult for the vibrant diverse.

Look at it this way - you left your wife and kids several 1000 miles away, you send them almost all your money, you work 6 days a week and 12 hours a day, you eat greasy pork, beans and rice, and, most importantly, you are donating your life to making this economy hum, you need a little fun n games.

So, what is the problem if a few indian ckickas get the clap?

Collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

If the mayor didn't decimate the PD,the vice enforcement division would have taken care of this.Welcome back,1990.............

Unknown said...

I thought it was already illegal to advertise without a permit. If I want to hand out my business cards on city streets I'm suppose to get a permit or face getting hit with a $300 fine for the first offense and then it goes up from there. Maybe they could just raise the fine and enforce the existing laws. I can't imagine that these fly by night pimps have that much money to pay for permits!

Anonymous said...

Someone must be getting a "happy ending" to look the other way and not crack down on the massage parlors. Nothing will happen until a more serious crime is committed on the premises, and then the local politicos and local precinct will be "shocked, shocked" to find out that prostitution was taking place in their neighhborhood.

Anonymous said...

110 PCT and the 115 PCT know about it, yet they are either chickenshit to take on Roosevelt, or it might be that they have their hands full with 37 Ave (115), 103 St (110/115) and Junction Blvd.

georgetheatheist said...

"Men are distributing these [Chica, Chica cards] as you are coming off of the train."

Hey Peralta, men are distributing the Queens Tribune's whore ads in the supermarket, senior centers, and banks.

Did Ackerman tell you to back-off his buddies Schenkler and Nussbaum??

A. Hoor said...

I got my job through the Queens Tribune!

Anonymous said...

Any house or apartment that used for prostitution, just demolish it 24 hours after the conviction and forfeit the land to the city.

I think that would grab the landlord's attention.

Evan said...

Now whatta my gonna use as inspirational material...huh?

Now Bloomberg in a bikini...o-o-o-h....on a baseball card!

That jerk makes me really wanna jerk off!

Anonymous said...

A happy ending alternative is Michael Nussbaum's Shanghai Nights Ltd.


Or a $5 BJ from a toothless Oriental woman on College Point Blvd.

Just check out the "Two Mike's" Tribune ads!

Zagat rated!

Anonymous said...

because the local police are unwilling or missing in action to protect a neighborhood.
The police aren't allowed to do their jobs in this liberal mecca. When they are unleashed, everyone cries police brutality etc. Stop depending on the police and the government to protect your community.

Anonymous said...

Me and my friend have on-and-off hung out on Roosevelt Ave. for the past 20 years or so, meaning from 74th Street to Junction Blvd.

10 years ago it was not bad. There were family-friendly restaurants on the strip. Bartenders were usually pretty, fresh off the boat Latinas in low-cut dresses who would ask me within five minutes if I was married.

Nowadays it is much seedier. The gay section used to be centered around 74th Street, but it has spread east from there, to some extent all the way up to Junction Boulevard. Half the bars have a dozen or more $5-a-dance girls.