Monday, March 28, 2011

Queens Plaza crash kills man on sidewalk

From WPIX:

A pedestrian is dead and two are injured after a vehicle flipped and landed on its roof on a sidewalk in Queens early Monday.

Police say the accident happened just after 4 a.m. just feet away from the Queensboro Plaza Station on the N, R and 7 lines, near the corner of Queens Plaza North and Crescent Street in Long Island City.

The 35-year-old driver of the red 2007 Volkswagen had just exited the Queensboro Bridge and was traveling eastbound when it mounted the sidewalk and overturned, striking a 68-year-old man on the street.

The vehicle crashed into the front of Espinal's Caribbean Restaurant II, located at 25-06 Queens Plaza, which was closed at the time of the crash.

EMS declared the man dead at the scene.

Reports say the driver's arm was amputated when it flipped over and responding emergency workers were able to locate the severed arm. He was transported to Bellevue Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.

The passenger, a 35-year-old woman, was transported to Cornell Hospital, where she is listed in stable condition as well.

The circumstances surrounding the crash are under investigation.

I'm guessing high rate of speed and possibly alcohol were involved.

Of note, the only media outlet to report this story using "Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge" is the Daily News, which actually is incorrect since Bloomturd hasn't yet signed it into law. Nice going, smartasses.

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Anonymous said...

Yea, the Daily News was the first to push for Bloomberg's third term.

Anonymous said...

35 year old and a red 2007 Volkswagen.

It was probably one of those Greek freaks coming back from binge drinking with other freaks in Astoria.

Anonymous said...

Anyone go to the Greek-Independece Day Parade yesterday?

georgetheatheist said...

Bloomberg hasn't signed the Bridge renaming yet. Therefore, there's the slim possibility he may not. What then, the naming is vetoed?

Where is the groundswell of elected officials (INCLUDING THE BOROUGH PRESIDENT OF QUEENS), civic groups and citizenry now urging the Mayor not to sign?

Edward Irving Koch said...

Crapper, the headline is wrong. It's not "Queens" Plaza, it's "Koch" Plaza.

How'm I doin'?

georgetheatheist said...

Not so good, Ed.

Folks, maybe it's time to ask Eduardo directly, in a nice polite manner, to please put a stop to this nonsense of naming the bridge after him.

Here's his law firm contact:

Politely tell him via phone call, email, letter, Western Union, picketing, etc. that the united people of Queens do not want the Queensboro Bridge named after him.

Did you know his law firm, Bryan Cave, is actually TOUTING the bridge renaming?

Check it out


C'mon Ed, do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

There are no cops out there to enforce the vtl.........when is the last time you saw a highway patrol car?

georgetheatheist said...

Gracie Mansion, Dec. 8, 2010. And remember, you had no say in this.

TSL said...

If only there was actually a stop serviced by the N, R and 7. Perhaps the reporter meant N, Q and 7. But you know, who wants to go into Queens and report accurately?

Anonymous said...

There are no cops out there to enforce the vtl.........when is the last time you saw a highway patrol car?
Last night on the HIGHWAY. Namely, the Cross Island Parkway. As a matter of fact, I saw a second Highway car on the Grand Central Parkway, 5 minutes later.

Anonymous said...

Another reckless cyclist. These people should be licensed so this never happens again!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a biketard to make a stupid sarcastic comment that has nothing to do with the topic.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a biketard to make a stupid sarcastic comment that has nothing to do with the topic.

I forgot that NEVER happens on this blog.

Anonymous said...

The Greek parade comment above is a perfect example.

Anonymous said...

The pedestrian was a cabbie on his way to work. There's no way the driver wasn't speeding, there weren't even any skidmarks. He probably clipped a pole or stanchion coming onto Qns Plaza South and rolled, heading right for the storefront.

-Anonymous fireman

Anonymous said...

The Kochboro Plaza station is there too.

georgetheatheist said...

You know I have to laugh.

Bloomie says that Koch performed "maintenance work" on our beloved QUEENSBORO Bridge so it wouldn't deteriorate. That's why he wants to rename the bridge.

Hey Mike, he was SUPPOSED to do maintenance work on the bridge. THAT'S THE MAYOR'S JOB!

georgetheatheist said...

You fill a pothole by the Grand Central and now we name the highway after you?

Anonymous said...

the Grand Central Pkwy from l.i.c. to shea(citifield) is a pothole.

when will it be a smooth drive ,like the northern state pkwy ?

Anonymous said...

Thats some reckless driving as noted by the fireman but then again people are always speeding there and flying through the red light coming off the bridge into Queens.

Can you imagine the Kochlyn Bridge.
Or use your name Koch for the Williamsburg bridge that is said to need major maintenance to boost you ego.
Sounds wonderful now leave the name alone bloomberg and your buddy who had his third illegal term because it was always be called the Queensboro.

Anonymous said...

read the article of 3/29/11 "BRIDGE HORROR" by jessica simeone & lorena mongelli.

" the queens plaza off-ramp had recently been redone as part of the Queens Plaza Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvement Project. "
"the 1 1/2- acre project -bankrolled by $37.7 million in federal funds and $6.6million in city money-is set to be finished next year.
"before it was revamped the Queens Plaza exit was much straighter and easier to spot from the roadway,neighbors said."

the driver was not impaired or cited for the accident,cops said.

bike-o psycho-sadie scores again.....

Queens Crapper said...

If he was driving at a normal rate of speed, he wouldn't have flown through the air and flipped over. He may not have been cited for speeding, but there is no doubt he was.

Anonymous said...

the small VW may have sideswiped one of the many concrete road dividers at the bridge exit. if he was attempting to reach a local street,he would have made a sharp right turn, and left turn by the subway entrance.
it is obvious that he lost control . possibly speed and road construction obstacles easily tipped the VW.

the report does not state if he was headed straight off of the bridge?

i drive this area often and it is done with caution, especially at night.

my condolences to the families.