Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still trying to stop hot sheets motel

From WPIX:

A Queens neighborhood is up in arms after finding out that an hourly motel will be constructed right across the street from the local high school.

The 'Hot Sheet' "is a hotel that charges hourly" said community activist Michael Duncan. "it's not good for children."

So far the community is winning, a stop work ordered has been issued because the developer failed to complete the foundation in the permit's time frame.

But these parents and concerned residents aren't resting, meeting at Saint Peter Lutheran church Thursday in anticipation that the developer will go before the board of standards and appeals to try and get an extension.

"We have elected officials that see this in our backyard." said Jacques Leandre who was angry none attended the Thursday evening meeting.


Anonymous said...

ALL hotels are hot beds for prostitution. Might sound cliche but Prostitution is the oldest profession.
Massagee cards
Hooker cards handed out by hispanics on Roosevelt Avenue.

A. Whore said...

The Queens Tribune

B J Hooker said...

ALL hotels are hot beds for prostitution.

I met some guy named Evan at the No Tell Hotel.

Anonymous said...

Let the "Johns" know that those "hottest" whores, Moby Stavisky and "granny" Shulman frequent the motel and that place will close overnight!

The cockroaches will exit immediately.


The thought of them "purporting" themselves certainly puts frost on my weenie.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Hevesi & Katz (or her female tricks) trysted?

Or did they just kiss at the Midway theater?

Anonymous said...

Kew Motor Inn?