Thursday, March 31, 2011

More high school dropouts than reported

From the Daily News:

The state controller ripped the city for downplaying the school dropout rate in an audit released Tuesday.

The city's rate was actually as high as 16.5% for general education students in the class of 2008 - three points higher than the city reported, the audit found.

The dropout rate for special education students was as high as 23.8%, while the city reported a 17.2% dropout rate.

"The city school system needs to sharpen its pencils when it comes to knowing which kids are dropping out and which kids are transferring to another school," said state Controller DiNapoli in a statement.

"(The education department) should be doing its homework and making sure the right papers are turned in to back up the reasons why students are leaving school."

The audit also found that the city's graduation rate was lower than reported. For general education students, it was as low as 62.9%, versus the 65.5% graduation rate reported that year.


Anonymous said...

i think the U.F.T. and the D.O.E. need MORE tax payer money, then watch the success...... more B.S.

Deke DaSilva said...

We're not quite as bad as Portugal....yet, see this article in WSJ:

Just 28% of the Portuguese population between 25 and 64 has completed high school. The figure is 85% in Germany, 91% in the Czech Republic and 89% in the U.S.

But don't worry, our politicians are doing their best to make us worst! They're going to keep importing our intellectual inferiors from south of the border!

They should import some Portuguese also! Diversity is our strength!

Sim, vocĂȘ pode!

Anonymous said...

"They should import some Portuguese also! Diversity is our strength!"

They already imported Italians ( Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa the mafia cops) and Irish (Westies) and look how this city turned out!

Anonymous said...

more immigrants...more dropouts.

Notice a pattern here???

The one thing that the Italians and Irish (and the rest of their ilk) had going for them was their willingness to evolve and try to move up in the world. They knew education was the key. They were from Europe, after all. A place of civility.

They may have been poor, but they had the social skills and intelligence to know what needed to be done.

However, the waves of invaders now come from places that were barely above mud huts when other nations were leading the world in exploration, science, and technology.

Their offspring are now washing up on our shores, after the hard work has been already done for them, and have neither the desire or ability to improve themselves.

It will be the downfall of our nation.

Anonymous said...

the "westies" and the rogue cops were born in the U.S.

they chose the wrong path and most of them were punished for the evils that they did.

i believe most of the killers should have been executed,but our liberal N.Y.C District Attorneys and Judicial system would rather we pay for their weight lifting and drug taking in prison ,for the rest of their miserable lives.

they study law in prison to extort more taxpayer money for stupid insults to killers.

Anonymous said...

the "westies" and the rogue cops were born in the U.S.

Yea and somewhere along the line their UNCIVILIZED Ellis Island landing parents/grand/etc came here and NEVER tought them CIVILITY. In fact they probably taught them that beastly Italian/Irish backwards, primitive and uncooth culture/way of life.

Why do you think they came here? They weren't able to sustain communities/a nation where they were from so those freaks of nature came to The apex of civilization: Anglo America.

ew-3 said...

Have done some research on the political contributions of the teachers unions.

Between the National education Association and the American Federation of Teachers they have contributed about $60 MILLION to the dems between 1990 and 2010. They gave the pubs $2 MILLION.

This does not include a lot of their affiliate unions like New York State United Teachers and United Teachers-Los Angeles. These unions are virtually 100% dems contribution.

Despite all this political influence public schools continue to fail our most vulnerable citizens.

Feel free to sniff google opensecrets.

Anonymous said...

RE; anon #6....what so-called school did you drop out from ?

Unanimous said...

To the person that wrote the comment above mine, you are Anon #6.