Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Robert Scarano profiled by the Times

From the NY Times:

Some wonder, if what he was doing was so blatantly illegal, why Scarano met with approval for so long. Robert LiMandri, the commissioner of the buildings department, said he had “no information that indicates that there was any sort of corruption” and that no employees were disciplined. Rather, he contended, the department was overwhelmed by a “frenzy” of building activity, and it relied on Scarano’s representations, which were often voluminous and confusing. At the time, the department had no way to punish him for lying. In 2007, though, state legislators, inspired by complaints about scofflaw architects, passed a law that allowed tough sanctions. “We really needed this stick to be able to say to people, look, there are no more cat-and-mouse games,” LiMandri said. The department created a new Special Enforcement Unit, focusing on Scarano as an initial target.

The city brought a new prosecution, a complicated case involving adjoining properties and supposed double counting of zoning rights, but then, in late 2008, a seemingly unambiguous bit of trickery dropped into investigators’ laps. Scarano was seeking a routine approval for a commercial building, which could not be occupied as long as an electrical pole was sitting in the middle of a new driveway. The architect submitted a curious photo of the building: shot from an off-center angle, it gave the appearance that the driveway was no longer obstructed. When the city sent an inspector to the site, he saw the pole hadn’t actually been moved.


Anonymous said...

Now, Commissioner LiMandri must get the Speceial Enforcement team to focus on Angelo R. Costa, RA and thoroughly examine Henry Huang's complex, one-lot development on 223rd Street in Bayside. They got their permits back and they are doing their evil deeds. The collapse on Queens Blvd. has not curtailed their activities.

How can this be?

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous hairpiece he's still sporting.

Each time I see it, I can picture a buff California surfer riding his wave!

Then I envision Bobby "finnocio" (Italian slang for "homo") whisking him back to his hotel room and riding him.

Or is Scarano a "bottom" who prefers his trick to give him a good ride 'em cowboy workout ?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that new building at 34-40 Bell blvd. built on two lots, one commercial and the other residential. Duh! is that legal


Costa might be the worst ever. He self certified a building on a 1600 sq foot lot (3800 is the min), then he waived the front yards down to 10 (should be 15). All you have to do is pull the folder at DOB, make some photocopies, look at the zoning handbook, and TADA!!!! I have an expeditors card, IF ANYONE wants a HAND, Im willing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, Costa nostra...Joe!

Anonymous said...

I'm rather disappointed the Times didn't contact me about my nastygram from Scarano. Especially since I have to look at the turd that got him busted in the first place!


Miss Heather