Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fight your tickets online

From Crains:

One small technological step for government may be a giant leap for aggrieved New Yorkers: Now you can upload evidence online when fighting parking tickets and other violations.

For several years, residents and small businesses have been able to dispute tickets online but unable to upload evidence to support their arguments. That meant that only incorrectly written tickets could be dismissed.

Now, those accused of violations can prove their case in court without having to leave their home or office. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced the new service at a press conference Monday.

“It's less work for us and less work for the citizens of this city,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “It's a win-win.”

No more having to dash out to a city finance center during your lunch break to convince a judge that your car wasn't parked in a bus stop or driving through a red light. No longer will businesses have to close shop for an afternoon to argue that the dirty sidewalk is someone else's responsibility.

Online hearings will allow New Yorkers to submit supporting materials, such as photos or other documents, with their written defense. Each case is reviewed by an administrative law judge, who will rule on parking tickets by email within 10 days and within a month for tickets that come under the purview of the Environmental Control Board.

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Joe said...

This is nothing new, Ed Koch had setup a "exparte division" for tickets as far back as the 80's.
It was a special address, you wrote Att "exparte division" on the envelope with a short explanation stating your case or your missing insurance card, license, reg, tail light receipt, parking meter number, photos.
I have used the service several times back in the 80's.

Who does the F_ing mayor think he's kidding ? Wasn't it his administration that stopped the service when they took office ? Now they bring it back and tell us its a meal withe this "great accomplishment" ?