Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We interrupt this blog for an unimportant message

From the Daily News:

It's like 2009 all over again: Mayor Bloomberg is buying almost $1 million worth of campaign-style TV ads featuring him as a bold leader fighting for New York.

"Everyone knows these are tough times. Mike Bloomberg's solution is built on our core values," an announcer intones. "Independence - not for the special interests, but for all New Yorkers."

The ad features summertime images of the mayor talking with business people and schoolchildren, intercut with school buses and construction crews - all of which was left over from campaign footage his admen shot in 2009 but never used.

The mayor's advisers say he's pushing back against a $3 million union ad campaign advocating a "millionaire's tax" on the rich instead of deep cuts in the state budget.


Citizen Robespierre said...

Bloomberg is not an independent.

He's fighting for the biggest special interests in NYC...the ultra wealthy!

The rest of us can simply "eat (shit) cake" as Marie Antoinette would say.

Let's guillotine the runt bastard and roll his head down the steps of city hall!

Anonymous said... support the continued employment of worthless burned out teachers, at the expense of our children and taxpayers? I vote to can the worthless.

Snake Plissskin said... support the continued employment of worthless burned out teachers, at the expense of our children and taxpayers? I vote to can the worthless.

Hell we do it with politicans so if you want to cut the dead wood, start there.

Anonymous said...

have never seen a bigger lie in my life all he cares about is the elite in nyc the rest of us can drop dead and he would not even care as middle class

Mike Bloomhitler said...

Have you started practicing your Sig Heils like I told you to do? Better get with the pogram er program. Oopsy.

New York City Council said...

Mr. Mayor. Can we please have permission to kiss your royal buttocks? Then we'll all roll over and play dead---just the way you like it!

Dandy Dan the 1 Term Councilman said...

Can we please have permission to kiss your royal buttocks?

I'm gonna be sniffin' first!

Canchita said...

I think at this point it doesn't matter how many ads he puts on the air. He's lost us.

Anonymous said...

I am a" worthless burnt out" teacher, Snake
Plisskin...... so STFU with your bashing and insults. You could never do what I've done and did it well, by the way for 34 years. You should be ashamed of yourself for citing teachers in such a manner. What are you anyway, a troll for Assholes, whoops I mean Educators4Excellence?? Or just a whoring-yourself-out Tweeder??? Or maybe just an uninformed tea bagging dumb ass?????

Uncle Sam said...

I'm waxing nostalgic. Remember when "We the People" actually meant something?

Mayor Mike said...

Don't worry. My next move is to ban traffic from Prospect Park and dare I say...Central Park? At least you can now cross the Koch-Queensboro Bridge to get to and fro. Isn't life grand?

New York City citizens are such rubes! I pull the string and you do your thing...PUPPETS!


Anonymous said...

So unfortunately typical of modern Nyers,to buy the lies and shameless wealth braggadocio of the robber barons , and joining the shameless sh-t pileonof those who aren't fit to tie the shoes of the dedicated educators whom they so relish denigrating.

Unknown said...

All teachers are evaluated (Ok so its a stupid pass fail—and 3 fails gets you fired—but of course all fail are contested..)--the process might not be the best (but the notion that a bad teacher can't be fired is BS—I know severel instances where it has happened) but at least the processes is OPEN.

The mayor want to throw out the current process.. and replace it with MERIT.
How is merit defined? What are the criteria? Who sets them, who evaluates? What say or recourse does a teacher have on the evaluations? Or is MERIT just I'll keep my favorites!

There are bad teachers. But its a supervisors job to do something about it. (Oh, yeah!) when a baseball team has a bad year, its not the players that get fired, its the manager. If the schools are working right, it there are failures, its management that has failed. (and now management want to blaim all the teachers)

Management (the city and mayor) want to contract--but they want to change the terms of the contract--and there is no real discussion on what MERIT is.

not so long ago (50 years) there was a system of merit. and there were no catholic teachers (they didn't merit a job in BofE) and there were rules about female teachers(they could work if they were married, but not if they were pregnant--there was no maternity leave--it was get pregnant, and you no longer MERITED a job.

UN defined MERIT is a mysterious thing. and often sound like WHIM.

Anonymous said...

We should trust someone who gave a fired magazine executive with no credentials or experience the job of running the BOE (at a quarter a million a year), bypassing all qualified applicants without even giving any one else an interview (and who clearly wants to privatize the schools, consistently favoring Charters), and who has lied about the statistics of how the students are doing (and who clearly gives a crap about the poor and middle class)to decide, by fiat, who stays and who goes? Also to be allowed to bypass any negotiated employee protections and put more of his cronies in taxpayer-supported positions?

Yeah, what could go wrong there?

He also replaced many of the experienced (and highly qualified and credentialed)employees at the former BOE headquarters at 110 Livingston with his highly paid, totally inexperienced (generally their first job), mostly male, MBA's. He believes in paying "his" people well, just not the "little people."

And to Bloomberg, public school teachers (and their students) are microscopic as individuals, and an irritant to his massive ego and predatory nature when they try to use their collective power to protect both their rights and the rights of their students.

No, I am not a teacher, nor a union member, but I know plenty of both, and I trust them over Bloomberg any day.

Linda said...

HE IS PART OF THE SPECIAL INTEREST! how the hell do you think he became a billionaire durning a recession , not on his good looks.