Sunday, March 27, 2011

Local schools getting shortchanged

From the NY Times:

In District 24, the heavily crowded area around Corona, Queens, the city’s capital plan last year budgeted new space for 4,300 students; that number has been cut to 2,200. Among the projects that would be delayed are a new gymnasium and classrooms for 120 students at Public School 87 in Middle Village, Queens.

At P.S. 87, students have gym classes in a basement lunchroom, and there are only two bathrooms each for the 600 boys and girls in the school, causing long lines, said Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, who represents the district. “The community has waited more than 10 years for this, and it’s pennies in the scope of things,” Ms. Crowley said.

But she said she was hopeful that the State Legislature would restore some of the financing in the budget negotiations in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

How come they do nothing for PS 87 but spend out the ying yang for PS49 and 128.

Anonymous said...

You make me dizzy Miss Lizzie!

Anonymous said...

Crowley is useless.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Andy Rocco from College Point gets elected to the 27th state Assembly district, this is someone who has frontline exprience in the classroom and has the ability to deleiver for all of Queens!

Anonymous said...

Schools get too much as it is

Anonymous said...

Crowley is a butt licking ass.
Those people don't need classrooms they need birth control. No politician will dare say it.
End the anchor baby programs.
They did that in Ireland, births dropped 60%.
Hospitals and schools returned to normal saving hundreds of billions.

Joe said...

Experience in the classroom means nothing. My mother was a teacher in Bushwick, almost every dam day I listen to an ear full. Its 100X worse now
60% in the public schools are kids of illegal aliens who don't speak English in the household and have garbage raising them.
Wild, disruptive brats not interested or capable of education. Most the girls will be knocked up and unhealthy by age 16 to repeat the cycle. (Go into any McDonalds and watch the 20 year old single moms with 46 inch waist's shovel the french fry's & cheese burgers into 5 overweight toddles)
Anybody that wants to try and teach these people or deal with the DOE doesn't need a desk they need a psychiatrist and a psychologist to dispense medication.

The public school system is nothing more then a baby sitting service paid for by hard working people and home owners.

People like the mayor wants this new generation dumb as rocks. In his mind its future voters that can be controlled easily, cheap labor and census numbers to grab federal cash .

Go down to Mexico, Central or parts of South America. All you see is millions of delinquent teenagers on the street in packs drinking, fighting, robbing, stealing, raping, squatting.
I played in Rio some years ago, it was literally a frigging war zone.

That's the future of Queens where a certain groups population has grown 50% in 1 year.

Anonymous said...

How many bathrooms does Mayor Bloomberg have in his Manhattan mansion - 8 - ??? How about in his Tucker Town estate in Bermuda 14 ??

Anonymous said...

the d.o.e.and the u.f.t. want more money ,while they waste $21,000,000,000. (BILLION) this and every year.