Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rickert-Finlay wins again

Some smarty-ass bought a gracious old Dutch colonial home on an oversize plot in Broadway Flushing located on the southeast corner of 163rd Street and 35th Avenue.
He planned to demolish it and build two houses there, but the intrepid Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association promptly took him to court to enforce their deed restrictions which only allow one house on that piece of land.

They won their case, as usual.
The judge allowed the demolition of the existing old home but enforced the Rickert Finlay covenants which run with the land in perpetuity.

Now the greedy owner is left holding the bag with an empty lot he has to either unload or build a single family home on.


Don't-cha just love the smell of victory in the morning?

It smells like the owner's money burning.
- The Flushing Phantom


Joe for COUNCIL said...

What a great win for the little guy.
Nice job by the civic association.
What a big pair of they say in my native language.

Anonymous said...

It is a great victory for Queens. Hopefully more to come.

Anonymous said...

Now don't we wish that all those puny little preservation organizations like Central Queens Historical, etc. would grow a pair and fight to the death like this dedicated civic association's militia men and women?

YEAH! But they won't.

They're tied to the apron strings...MAKE THAT PURSE STRINGS...of Queens BURRO hall!

They dare not make any waves, lest they lose their funding.

It's much safer for them to mount exhibitions and conduct endless surveys.

Maybe one or two will get an HDC "grassroots" award.


Anonymous said...

Great job BFHA!

Keep on truckin' !!!

Anonymous said...

The developer should be made to rebuild what he demolished

Anonymous said...

Way to go Flushing! Shut down these creepy interlopers who are ovedeveloping with the help of our corrupt Mayor, City Council and Community Boards.

Anonymous said...

ahh...isn't near where the Vallones want to run for office?

come back in 5 years chump.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bust your bubble fella, but Paul Vallone won't shit in his own backyard either 5 years from now or tomorrow morning.

The area where the other Vallones live in Astoria is pristine residential turf.

I know that's some disgruntled pseudo Astorian...whose official residence is in Manhattan but beds down in Queens...that posted that little ditty about the Vallones.

Anonymous said...

The Rickert-Finlay Realty Co.
also built Douglas Manor and the Kennsington section of Great Neck.

I believe they also built a certain section of Astoria.

They installed these protective covenants to ensure a good quality of life for the residents back then and in the future.

Anonymous said...

I think that anti-Vallone poster is just jealous because of the crap that's going on around 46th Avenue in LIC.

If you don't like it...MOVE!

Anonymous said...

Some more BS originating from a former GAHS doubt!

Anonymous said...

"Rickert-Finlay ... they installed these protective covenants to ensure a good quality of life for the residents back then and in the future."

Yeah, only if you have a civic that has enough money in the coffers to sue.
If you don't, your f*ucked, the City wont help you, they don't enforce deed restrictions, which btw was a bill that former CM Avella introduced in the Council.

Chris in Woodside said...

A little off topic, but why is the "night emergency" number 3-1-1?

Anonymous said...

Hurray for the little guy. Lets see if I understand this. Instead of the two very nice wealth Asian families living there in expensive new houses increasing the Real Estate Comps for property sellers on the block so they can get top dollar. The developer is now forced to build a huge one family residence filled with 10 or 12 bedrooms and then lease it to a NYS Rehab for Addicted mothers or such.
Smart very smart. If people are compelled to save an old neighborhood get a job at 'Old Bethpage Village'.

Anonymous said...

The poster who though that there would be 2 "nice Asian families" living in 2 houses has no idea that there is something called "Architecture".

Sadly, there are many people for who quality of life means nothing.

I'd rather see addicted moms living in a decent looking building, than look at two buildings that were big blocks of pink glazed brick with no design criteria other than to max out the square footage.

And perhaps the commenter could explain to us why do the stairs always have to be 12 foot wide?

Anonymous said...

The word on the street has it that the owner appealed to the owner of "Crystal Windows" to intercede in his dilemma.

Is that true and why would he?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the owner already read this post.

Well...tuff-ski shit-ski fella.

Your title search company should have spotted the deed restrictions on your property before you closed the deal.

But, alas, greed makes for speed!

Now you can go spend some more of your money to sue that title guarantee company jerk!

Anonymous said...

Then move into a nabe that has a strong civic with a big bankroll...jealous one!

Money talks and bullshit walks...especially in Ass-toria!

Anonymous said...

Which was another bill introduced by "Phony" Tony that "BTW" never got passed.

Avella just passes public relations wind and was probably advised by Parkside!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you couldn't even hold a job as ticket-taker at Old Bethpage Village.

And learn to spell "wealthy" correctly.

Anonymous said...

There's no problem with the real estate values on this side of the boulevard 'ol buddy.

Your "Real Estate Comps" already prove this.

People of taste clamor to live here because the nabe's not filled with
fug-ugly Mc Mansions!

And why is that?

Because the homeowners' association defends its deed restrictions.

An extremely desirable neighborhood with a great quality of life.

Anonymous said...

We hear that BFHA hasn't lost a case in court yet.

Anonymous said...

will the Rickert-Finley deed restrictions apply to homes and property in the Auburndale/Bayside sections?

do all deeds identify the builders,even during the 1920's to the 1950's ?

resident said...

I think it was a TRO (temporary restraining) order that was issued by the judge.

BFHA will, no doubt, win anyway when the final judgment is passed.

Unless the judge is crooked.

Their R-F covenants have always been upheld.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with replacing a single family home with another single family home? Has everyone become greedy pieces of shit in this fucking city?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the Homeowners Association didn't complain when they built 35-15 and 35-22 163 St. across the street? They were also in violation of the covenant. Maybe because the owner wasn't Asian!

Anonymous said...

As of April, 2015 that plot is still undeveloped. A shame a beautiful house was sacrificed. Kudos to BFHA for stopping the developer.

Anonymous said...

The Eastern NY Enterprises Inc. sold the property to Danang Foundation Corp. in September 2015 for $1.45M with $400,000 profit. The Danang, apparently a Buddhist organization, probably doesn't know about the covenant.