Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yes, he's certainly a knucklehead...

From the Daily News:

City Councilman James Sanders of Queens wants New Yorkers to believe he was tricked - practically forced! - into taking out an enormous mortgage he cannot, or will not, pay back.

Identified by the Daily News I-Team as delinquent on his payments, Sanders countered that he was a victim of predatory lending rather than a plain old deadbeat.

It was the bank that lured him into a $588,000 mortgage on a Far Rockaway home in 2006.

It was the bank that made him believe he could afford $3,000-a-month payments.

It was the bank that got annoyed when he stopped sending in checks.

It was the bank that has insisted on foreclosing.

It was the bank that doesn't understand why he should be allowed to stay in the house payment-free after two years.

As Sanders pleaded in court, "My family and I were likely the victims of dishonest, deceitful and ... corrupt lending practices."

So here we have an elected official who purports to be smart enough to write laws while pleading that he was bamboozled into borrowing half a million dollars he could not afford.

How dumb is that?

New York Knucklehead dumb.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised?

Monty Hall said...

OK Mr. Banker you have your choice of 2 doors:

Door #1: Do NOT grant this schmuck a loan. However, you will be charged with - RAY-CISM!

Or, you may choose -

Door #2: Here, you grant this poor, oppressed, struggling politician a loan. However, you will also be charged with - Yes! You guessed it! RAY-CISM!

OK Now!

Mr. Bank Lending Officer, which door do you choose?

Anonymous said...

The capitalist pigs leading on ignorant fascists... kinda funny!

Anonymous said...

Who is dumb?

Most of the electeds who walk around with an air of self-entitlement and eyes dull with stupidity and give your taxes to developers to make your block more unlivable and vote on renaming the Queensboro Bridge?

Oh you dear voter, who reelect them time and time again in a Roman triumph?

Anonymous said...


That guy who knows it all said...

If that's the case then he's obviously not qualified to be a councilman right? Hopefully he acknowledges that. But he wont, because like so many in the council they're corrupt money hungry pieces off turds. The bank will obviously win here, OR someone will cosign and he will become the little bitch he is.

Liman said...

We know Charlie Rangel. James Sanders, you're no Charlie Rangel.

Rangel would have had his re-election committee rent the house for $4,000 a month.

Bush leaguer.

Anony2 said...

Who the heck buys a house for that much money in FAR Rockaway???

Anonymous said...

Next he'll be suing the New York State Lottery because he bought lottery tickets rather than pay the rent.