Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weedy mess in Whitestone

Hey Queens Crap talk about "Urban Blight", Nice piece of property in an nice neighborhood and this is what it is being reduced to.
Asking price? who knows and who cares CLEAN IT UP.
Can you guess where this is?
You guessed it 154th street and 10th avenue in Whitestone. - Malba Gardens Civic Association


Anonymous said...

That whole strip in Malba has really gone to crap.

FlooshingRezident said...

Soon Whitestone will be as shitty, I mean pretty, as Flooshing!

Try getting the folks that rent out their houses to do ANY maintenance!

The entire nabe is turning into g-mansions and tear-downs!

Anonymous said...

But they don't want a bus running down their block.

Anonymous said...

This spot is a dead spot to put anything there the only people that walk around there is drunks crack heads and people that just want cigarettes at the dolar store

Babs said...

"That whole strip in Malba has really gone to crap."

That's not Malba - that area by Walbaum's is technically Whitestone since it has the zip code of 11357 BUT locals have long called it Beechhurst AND then there is Robinswood which is closer to the LeHavre area.

Cryder's Point is on the water's edge.

MALBA touches College Point on one side and Whitestone on the other.

Babs said...

"This spot is a dead spot to put anything there the only people that walk around there is drunks crack heads and people that just want cigarettes at the dolar store."

I'm not so sure about that - I don't know who the landlord is but it is possible that it is that Greek woman whose name I can't recall right now. She charges a HUGE amount of rent on many of her properties.

The deli did fabulously for many years as did the White House and now Cassarinos.

I think it has more to do with a GREEDY landlord.

Babs said...

"Soon Whitestone will be as shitty, I mean pretty, as Flooshing!"

Don't hold your breath on that one honey - we have retained our property values through market highs and lows.

You obviously don't know wtf you're talking about - sour grapes I guess.

Anonymous said...

Property values is not the same as quality of living Babs. Whitestone seems to be going down hill fast despite steady property values. More multi-family houses, more people, more cars, and more 'diversity'- and not in a good way. There is no sense of community anymore. People no longer show common courtesy or respect for people or property. Perhaps your block is not like this yet, but it is spreading fast.

Babs said...

The quality of living in New York has changed.

That particular area in Whitestone has always been "industrial" - you had Grace Contracting, the old Shore Tavern, a trucking company, etc. in that area forever and a day - as you probably know that was once a grocery store and a pretty decent one at that. Someone owns that property and is not taking care of it - they should never allow "tags" on the security doors - they should be painted over immediately.

I noticed the condition of this property oddly enough only recently myself -

Whitestone over the years has been taken over by ethnic groups - who are all annoyingly overtly religious - the Greeks walk with lit candles through the streets once a year - the Italians walk with a statue of the body of Christ at Easter. Communion - once a "family thing" when I was growing up now involves both churches whose resident priests walk from house to house blessing everyone while waving incense. We have a huge Buddhist temple in Flushing close to Union Street - we appear to be going back in time and to a time that I have no interest in living in.

I like my neighbors and there are some of us left from the old nab - but, this religious "fervor" is NOT for me and flags other than American ones bother me.

Sooner of later one has to step up to the 21st century already . . . PLLLLEEEESE.

Anonymous said...

Keep reaching for reasons 154 street is a cesspool, Babs. Have you been in the White House lately? It smells like a toilet as soon as you walk in... and walk right back out. The house next to it? An overgrown weed pit. Malba, Whitestone, College Point, call it whatever you want, it's still a shithole that has seen better days. Keep justifying Babs, and keep watching property prices plummet.

Anonymous said...

Babs, I like when you don't like the ethnics when they're in your backyard, but elsewhere you pity them and feel sorry for them for getting suckered on bad mortgages. I bet you're on your knees thanking your god the poor ethnics didn't settle over there in Malba with their 5 year ARMS, aren't you? Selective racist.

Anonymous said...

Try taking the pictures on the side of the farmers market they broke the glass and everything it really did turn into a shithole that area around 154th street, you got junkies walking around over there and drunks.
If you go there sometimes you see 40 lowlife people all drinking beer there 12 o clock at night. Whitestone is like every other neighborhood its has the good and bad. Don't forget the big trucking factory that have trucks pass every 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks the property values in Beechhurst are declining (where the pic was taken) is seriously mistaken. Multi million dollar homes are being built and purchased all around there. Granted, that block and all the businesses on it are a disgrace, but it's not bringing residential property values down. Do your homework

Anonymous said...

The owner is peter zucarello and his family AKA QUEENS GARDEN CENTER AND PMZ Accounting and DENNIS RING HALLORANS CHIEF OF STAFF IS THE ATYORNEY. As of last check