Saturday, August 21, 2010

NYC hopes to get space shuttle

From CBS 2:

The New York State Assembly is hoping they can entice NASA to bring one of the three retired space shuttles to New York.

The Assembly presented the Intrepid with a resolution to promote the Museum, which they hope will do the trick. Executive director Susan Marenoff also made a plea.

“We have over 45 million tourists,” she said. “If NASA wants eyeballs to see it, here’s the place for it to land.”

A backdoor effort earlier this month to bring the shuttles to space centers in Florida and Texas failed. Intrepid officials say New York is the sentimental favorite for the space shuttle Endeavor, which blasted off three months after 9/11 with several mementos from Ground Zero.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea and benefiting the Intrepid, but what about the Hall of Science with it's space exhibits that are long established?

georgetheatheist said...

I second the above proposal. Great idea.

Maybe Helen Marshall can make a pitch for it for the Hall of Science for our great borough of Queens. She can even have her $85,000 per year taxpayer "official" photographer Totino do the photo op.

Joe said...

I doubt the shuttle will fit on the Intrepid.
The Hall of science is no longer about Science.
I worked on the Rocket restoration some years ago, and didnt see one person I knew left in the place during a visit in June.
The Hall and new $50 million wing now a ESL babysitting service & cafateria for children of illegel nationals and criminals living in the surrounding area.

OMHO --The hall Is now staffed, and run by Indian, Paki and Hispanic immigrants who dont give a shit about American science, heritage & history.
The name "Hall of Science" in 2010 is a friggan joke.

George Helen Marshall is always smoozing with these rich people in turbins & sheets that have something to do with that hall

georgetheatheist said...

Attention journalistic community.

See? Joe has just given you what is known in the news business as a LEAD. Are you going to sit on your asses and let this one go by?

This news item is like stealing candy from the baby. It is in your face.

fonso said...

Sustantivo! my sister 96 street have 4 kids they go to Flushing Hall after school 4 day a week wile she work it cost nothing,
Kids get food and come home with plants and artwork this program is good nobody kair space junk,

BP Helen said...

Plenty of space...between my ears!!!

come again said...

I guess Helen Marshal will be kissing and sucking all the powers that be to get it placed at the Hall of Science.

Or will it go next to that "famous" tourist attraction the retired "red bird" subway car at burro hall (LOL) ?

Hah....I'll bet that Moby Stavisky would be content if she could get to straddle one of those rockets at the science center.

Joe said...

The public got really duped with that fake Redbird
The redbirds that ran on the 7 line were made for the worlds fair. They had large bay windows with round corners (touring design) so visitors could see Queens..
These cars were also originally blue. Ed Koch had them painted in the red "box car" theme to hide iron dust and rust kicked up from the tracks.