Friday, August 27, 2010

Cat lady caught!

From the NY Post:

Sources said last night that cops had caged the "Cat Lady," the serial stick-up artist who dons clever disguises -- including a cat mask -- to rob high-end boutiques around the city.

The suspect was identified as Shanna Spalding, 28, of Queens, who sings with a death-metal band called Divine Infamy under her stage name, Purgatory.

The burqa-clad suspect was picked up in SoHo after bursting into a Greene Street boutique with a gun and demanding cash, sources said.

She allegedly threatened to shoot up the place if she didn't get her paws on the dough.

Cops said they had noticed her prior to the heist, and followed her to the store, suspecting she was the mysterious robber, who had been known before to disguise herself in a burqa.

The feline filcher was wanted for robberies in Queens and Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

WTF was she thinking?

Anonymous said...

she wanted to get paid!

death metal? lol

freaking loser

Anonymous said...

cat lady will have all the pussies she needs now

Captain Renault said...

who had been known before to disguise herself in a burqa.

It wouldn't surprise me if this feline undergoes a "jailhouse conversion", and becomes a full-fledged member of the "religion of peace".

"Purgatory" will have some time to contemplate this, along with her crimes for a while.

In the meantime......


Anonymous said...

true cvlt... \mm/

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it!

velvethead said...

Sexy, and apparently dangerous.

Anonymous said...

She's hot.