Saturday, August 28, 2010

Johnny finds lax oversight in Parks Dept

From the Daily News:

A host of companies that run city parks facilities have stiffed taxpayers out of promised improvements - and the Parks Department let it happen, the city controller says.

A new audit by John Liu slammed the Central Park Tennis Center, the 79th St. Boat Basin, Coney Island's Cyclone roller coaster and three dozen other companies that collectively owe the city $9.6 million worth of infrastructure improvements.

"It's bad enough that New Yorkers have to tiptoe through cracked concrete and precarious wooden planks they call 'ramps' in city parks," said Liu spokesman Scott Sieber. "But it adds insult to injury knowing that your tax dollars paid for this [to be fixed]."

The Parks Department "strongly" disagreed with the audit's claim that it was lax in oversight.


Anonymous said...

They are certainly not lax when it comes to P.R.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is running the Parks Dept. Look at the condition of most of the parks throughout NYC--- They are a disgrace..even after they are swept every now and then. Call 311.

Anonymous said...

how much money was wasted by the Bloomberg Planyc
fake playground to park conversions in 2009-2010.

small sections of astro-turf,many trees planted in the asphalt that died and had to be replaced, and replaced again. no full court basketball in caucasian area parks.
the N.B.A. does not have a half-court league.

undersized fake-painted tracks that are unused. gazebos and benches in play drinking fountain or sprinklers. locked toddler facilities.

Anonymous said...

"Johnny finds lax oversight in Parks Dept"

What about the Comptroller's Office? The Mayor's office? Just sayin'...

Just the Parks Department? Nice job of creating a smoke screen, John. Maybe Liu's smoking artificial official Parks Department grass?

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that past practices in NYC government are overdue for a major overhaul. The people that run this city are milking it for everything they can get out of it as the middle class shrinks more and more out of here.