Monday, August 23, 2010

Fire knocks out LIRR and possibly hospital

A problem has developed on the LIRR and has knocked out all lines except the Port Washington line.


The Long Island Rail Road is functioning at 60 percent of its capacity this evening and all trains are going local as a result of a fire in a control tower at the Jamaica transfer station.

Officials are instituting numerous steps to handle the crowds. LIRR President Helena Williams told riders not to take the subway to Jamaica but instead said most of them should go to Penn Station and board the train they need to get home--without making any transfers at Jamaica.

She said riders on the Far Rockaway and Hempstead lines should take the subway to Brooklyn's Atlantic Terminal, however, and board those trains there.

And there may also be a fire at Wyckoff Heights Hospital.

Will try to post updates as soon as we get them.


Anonymous said...

Port Washington, not Port Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

Take a lesson!

Antiquated infrastructure serving the needs of over developed areas....and voilla....a f-----g mess!

Keep those projects like "Flushing Commons" and the "Atlantic Yards" coming!