Thursday, August 26, 2010

City can't abide by its own noise code

From the Daily News:

Tests showed Borough President Marty Markowitz's summer concerts again broke the city's new amplified sound law, but Thursday night's Latino Music by the Sea Concert - the last show of the season - will be allowed to go on.

Opponents went to court to block the concert after their sound expert found last week's B-52s concert got as loud as 23.6 decibels louder than normal sound levels - while the law only allows it to get 10 decibels higher.

Organizers turned the music down so low some audience members complained they could barely hear it. Still, the lowered volume wasn't within legal limits.

The city had vowed to crack down on the concerts after previous tests showed violations at shows by George Thorogood and the Destroyers and John Legend.

But after hours of negotiations Wednesday, opponents settled for an agreement that will allow tonight's show to go on while slapping more restrictions on the city.

"We would have preferred that the concerts be stopped, but we're not vindictive people," said Ida Sanoff, calling the agreement "fair."

If the sound levels exceed permitted levels tonight and isn't quickly lowered, officials are supposed to cut off the amplified sound system or end the concert altogether.

The city also will fork over $2,750 to pay for the plaintiffs' sound expert, and could get hit with all their legal fees if two or more violations are recorded.


Gary the Agnostic said...

As if Marty needs a microphone.

Anonymous said...

As if we need the puerile, insipid comments of Gary the Agnostic.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like noise go live in the woods.

Queens Crapper said...

If you can't abide by your own noise code, don't have a concert.

Deke DaSilva said...

As if we need the puerile, insipid comments of Gary the Agnostic.
If you don't like noise go live in the woods.

Must be 2 smug "Nancy boys" who don't live near the concert venues, work for a living, and have to go to bed early and get up the next morning.

$100 says that they don't live near "day laborer" pick-up points or strip clubs either.

If you don't like noise go live in the woods.

Ah yes, the old "if you don't like it, go back to.......

a.) Iowa
b.) Kansas
c.) Des Moines
d.) Any other "flyover" state that I don't like


That's some logic! Aristotle is rolling in his grave!

mersey thielemann said...

Hell is a duet between Marty and Chrissy.

Guess Who said...


Des Moines is not a state.

Nor is Canada or Bermuda.

Deke DaSilva said...

Des Moines is not a state.

Doesn't alter my point. Read what I wrote. I didn't say: Choose from the following states.

You're still a "Nancy Boy", AND a pedantic Beta Girl.

Anonymous said...

No one is above the law. Including elected officials. That includes Borough President Marty Markowitz.

He's violated the original NYC Sound Permit Laws for over 19 years. He dosen't give a s##t.
Now he's violating the new law that his buddies passed in the NYC Council. He dosen't give a s##t.

We are a country of Laws not of Men. Obey the Laws Mr. Brooklyn Borough President!

Joe said...

No, this is sill BS te peope needs to post HOW AND WHAT they used to measure DETAILS
Whos to say the plaintiffs' "sound expert" didnt put a uni-directional probe head on the decible meter and only see the results the plaintiffs wanted to see.
The stupid city wouldnt know the dam difference. I use this trick in Freeport with the cops all the time with my band.
These meters use all different mic capsules. For example: Omni, Uni, Coridid, Figure 8, and weightings A-B-C.

Another words a uni-directional probe would ignore the ambient noise and amplify what it was pointed at. (it hears like a telescope)
The stupid city still doesnt have any specks to measure in its code nor anybody to understand it.

They are all assholes thats the problem.

Anonymous said...

what about all those window air units in the new buildings? they are SOO loud! its horrible how the developers are using air units vs central air. all new developments should require central air. more efficient and significantly less noise pollution

Joe said...

Window Units---yeah Exactly !
Point the dB meters at the window units from the property line !
How about the bus ?
How about squawking gulls or the bells in the synagogue's going off at selected times all day long ?
A passing car beeping a horn (108 -130 dB)
Can one person find describe what "average normal sound level and duration of average sound level" exactly means in a location like this ??

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Ach Tjoe. Your giffing all your zeecrets avay. Hahr-hahr.

faster340 said...

The B-52's and George Thorogood and the Destroyers in a residential neighborhood park?!? Are you kidding me? Concerts like these require hi decibels to enjoy but not in a residential area. I would expect something like this at Jones Beach Theater or something....

Marty is just shafting the hood as usual....

Anonymous said...

Marty: the self-promoter of Brooklyn.

Joe said...

George Thorogood and Leslie West played the fire dept Chicken BBQ in Mattituck. With a sound system 3X the size of Marty’s (100,000 watts) nobody in the town complained and their were no incidents.

Get this the only calls the cops did get were from New Suffolk across the pond and over a mile away. Now guess who that was ? The Jewish people from the senior devolopment. Based on their actions Id say these people have a problem with everything and everybody.
The called the cops because they simply could hear it, the Southold cops basicly told them to piss off or close the windows till 10PM
Then again their are no Jewish people or religious nuts in Mattituck.