Friday, August 27, 2010

NYPD crime books cooked

From the Daily News:

Two academics at an FBI-sponsored conference Friday will accuse the NYPD of cooking the books to make the city appear safer.

The claims are contained in a survey of more than 309 police officers - most of whom have served as precinct commanders since the department started using the CompStat program in the mid-'90s.

More than half of the respondents admitted to fudging numbers, according to the study by John Eterno of Molloy College and Eli Silverman of John Jay College.

The pair of criminologists will also release recordings they obtained from several roll calls that they say capture supervisors telling officers not to take reports of robberies unless the victim is willing to go to the stationhouse.

The recordings also capture officers being told not to take reports if they think the district attorney will not prosecute.

The FBI is looking into it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the lid will FINALLY blow on this.

Mayor Bloomjerk said...

I like mine medium rare!

Gary the Agnostic said...

What have I been saying?

Anonymous said...

"The FBI is looking into it." Ok, a federal agency is going to look into this, the ones at the top are the ones who are the most corrupt.

Anonymous said...

FUCK THE NYPD (LOL) I'll be carrying my own protection!

FlooshingRezident said...

Does this come as as a surprise to anyone?

Didn't anyone watch The Wire?

Anonymous said...

Okay, you say F the NYPD, good luck trying to protect yourself in a city that doesn't let law abiding citizens carry a gun.

The NYPD is far from perfect, but don't kid yourself that the boys in blue wouldn't be the sweetest site for sore eyes when they prevent or apprehend someone who attempts to do you harm.


N Grate. said...


Who you callin' ingrates, ya troll!

Anonymous said...

Troll? I belong to Queens Crapper's facebook site and comment often. Just because I did not take the time to register to comment on this site, does not make one a troll.

Get a life, ingrate.

Anonymous said...

F__k the brass, they are the ones doing this, not the cops. Trust me, the real cops out there don't like this any more than you do. And if you are wondering why very few of them are blowing the whistle, the lack of media attention towards recent whistleblowers like Adrian Sholcraft tell the cop on the street that the mayor and the police commissioner keep a tight lid on book cooking stories.

Anonymous said...

The NYPD is far from perfect, but don't kid yourself that the boys in blue wouldn't be the sweetest site for sore eyes when they prevent or apprehend someone who attempts to do you harm.
I know your are'nt talking about the cops at the 104th pct. because they wont even answer the phone!

Anonymous said...

I belong to Queens Crapper's facebook site and comment often.

Ooh. Wanna medal do ya?

Anonymous said...

They must have a good secret RECIPE!

Anonymous said...

It's a federal crime to lie to a federal law enforcement agent.Question all precinct and and unit commanders in the nypd.Ask them if they ever downgraded or completely hid a 61.I'm guessing 90% would be convicted.

Anonymous said...

By keeping the "numbers" down,the mayor and the midget let 6000 cops retire and did not replace them.Now the lid is blowing off.

Anonymous said...

if there was no media coverage at all you wouldn't know who Adrian Schoolcraft is! by typing his name on a public comment board you are getting the word out, look at the most recent Village Voice article. there are more Schoolcraft in the NYPD.

there has been hullaballo about the stop and frisk data base being dumped. big deal. why haven't the cops been arresting and stopping the gang banger drug dealers? are the precincts getting commissions from the dealers? the locals and everyone else know who the dealers are. it's the one whose walking his pit bull off the leash encouraging it to crap in the middle of the sidewalk and not pick it up. it's the house that blasts music until 4am. weeknights. with crowds coming and going at all hours.

Two big secrets in the NYPD. one is suicide by cops. two is the level of alcoholism and drug addiction among the rank and file.
The management of the NYPD does not care how many wet brain cops are out on the streets, they let police officers drink themselves to death and now they are allowing them to drug themselves to death.
No one in the Police Dept. cares about the impact of this on the community and their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

The FBI investigation should extend to city hall. The CEO of New York needs to be held accountable.
From the bullshit tickets given to seniors dropping off their wives at Dyalisis. To the 50 shot murder of a young man out with friends.
From the bullshit student scores at 85 % passing only to be found all big lies by State testing.
To the big lies of decreasing crime by 30% per YEAR ?
All big lies, by now there should be zero crime and our young students are all Einsteins.

Anonymous said...

1-drug tests are given routinely to cops,you get caught,you're fired.Alcohol isn't as prevalent as it once was among young cops.
2- the young man out with his friends was a convicted criminal who never held a legit job and brought that on hisself!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg tells ALL departments in the city to cook their books to make this look like a yuppie & tourist paradise.

He has told NY corporate C.E.O.s this for years.