Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good luck, Gene...

From the Queens Chronicle:

When Community Board 7 OK’d the massive $850 million Flushing Commons mixed-use development project in April, it was with several recommendations. Now with the plan fully approved, the board is trying to hold the city’s and the developer’s feet to the fire.

“We wanted concessions and now is the time to work them out,” said CB 7 Chairman Gene Kelty, “but we don’t want to be rushed into it.”

Kelty was referring to a Queens Borough Board meeting set for Sept. 20, which has on its agenda a vote on the Flushing Commons business arrangements. The board consists of all 14 Queens City Council members, community board chairpersons and the borough president.

Although the project was approved by the City Council last month, the specifics have to be approved by the Borough Board. “It’s not part of the land use public review process,” Kelty said. “It’s a technicality with no public comment and only the affected community board chairman votes on it.”

He wants the meeting moved to October, giving his community board time to discuss the issues.

Topics to be covered include the time frame of the project, interim parking during construction, the funding stream and stipulations if the developer fails to get full finances.

“These are just some of the subjects that have to be addressed,” Kelty said. “We want to see the plans in writing.”

Other issues include where 109th Precinct officers will park patrol cars during construction, bus changes and traffic rerouting.

“We also want to negotiate concessions,” Kelty added. “We asked that the old YMCA building become a public school and want the developer to put in a small movie theater in the project.”


Anonymous said...

“We also want to negotiate concessions,” Kelty added.

Translation: What's in it for me???!?!?!!?

(Up)Chuck said...

Don't forget to share!

Anonymous said...

The specifications of the Flushing Commons project have been vetted and approved by the City Council. During that lengthy process, the recommendations of CB7 were REJECTED in accordance with ULURP, and not incorporated into the plan.

The upcoming Borough Board vote concerns ONLY the business terms of the property dispositions, and other business aspects. Thus, the Borough Board vote is NOT an opportunity for CB7 or any other party to re-evaluate the specifications of the plan, which the City Council has approved.

Kelty may attempt to extort previously-rejected "concessions" in exchange for his vote at the Borough Board, but the time for such concessions has passed.

If Kelty and CB7 did not like aspects of the Flushing Commons plan (to the extent that Kelty is now attempting to prevent the Borough Board's scheduled final vote concerning the business terms), then Kelty and CB7 never should have voted to approve a Flushing Commons plan which they disliked. They had the option to dis-approve, but they did not do so.

They voted to approve Flushing Commons, knowing full well that their recommendations were non-binding and might be wholly rejected, as they ultimately were. The Borough Board must not allow Kelty to insert extortionate demands -- which have already been REJECTED in accordance with ULURP -- into the Borough Board's process of approving the business terms.

Anonymous said...

Kelty---Friggin' been on the board too long! Is it me or are his pockets (and the rest of him) getting fatter all the time?

Anonymous said...

“It’s not part of the land use public review process,” Kelty said. “It’s a technicality with no public comment and only the affected community board chairman votes on it.”


What is this, THE SOVIET UNION?!?!

Chuck, Up said...

I'm wiggin' out!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Like I've said before Chuck & should have voted this ill conceived project down like real men instead of begging EDC/TDC...the town be gentile and honor your "stips'.

Now it's far too late to negotiate any terms.

Anonymous said...

What a pair of seedy old bums!

Time to dump the garbage!

Anonymous said...

CB 7's......"gang of seven" rules

funny how CB7 got a whole new office,
in a brand new Office building
2 blocks from the home of CB7
(salaried)district manager.
quite a coup to move from a basement office in a a luxury office close to home-sweet-home. As for CB7 steering board "executive officers"....ya' think after a dozen "terms"...term
limits should apply here???
while nearby CB 11 runs a tight ship on developers..CB 7 is
losing at Bay Terrace Mall,Downtown Flushing,College Point,Willets Point,Whitestone Waterfront,Bowne and Kissena Park (Churches Row)...
CB 7..ha...the CB 7 "gang of 7"
rules indeed...
" Miss A-new-broom-sweeps-clean"