Friday, August 27, 2010

Ack attack fails to stop challenger

From the Queens Courier:

Queens Congressmember Gary Ackerman will have a Democratic primary on September 14 after all.

The Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Ackerman’s Democratic opponent in the 5th Congressional District, Patricia Maher, would be on the primary ballot, reversing a decision rendered by a Nassau County Supreme Court judge.

“What he did was really despicable,” said Maher, the director of development and community education for a not-for-profit health care foundation, referring to Ackerman’s attempts to get her removed from the ballot. “Maybe he thought I wouldn’t have the guts, the nerve or the money to bring it to the Appellate Division, but I did.”

Ackerman said that after the Appellate Division ruled in favor of Maher, he wasn’t going to appeal.

“Let her get on the ballot. What do I care, I don’t even know her,” Ackerman said.


Anonymous said...

I belong to the ABA (Anyone But Ackerman)!

Anonymous said...

Hack Ack can't take the flak!

Too bad you seedy lump of corpulence!

Now you'll have to earn your bread and fight it out instead of bullying.

Didn't the congressman go on illegal overseas Taiwanese fundraisers with (wasn't it Tommy Huang?) back in the 70s?

Nice to be on the Asia committee isn't it Gary?

Does it makes it easier for you to cuddle up to your equally corrupt Oriental benefactors?

It's all going to be coming out soon you bloated pig and then you'll swing in the political breeze without a safety net!

Maybe Ack will join the two Mikes in their Asiatic sex club business.

Are you following this Tommy-Gary tip Nick Hirshon?
It would make a great story!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary...Did your buddy Zises rip off anyone lately? Just sayin'...

Tip to media: Google "Gary Ackerman" and "Zises" Heh Heh Heh

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Such a Scary Whacky Man