Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time to clean up your mess

When we last checked in at the crap site at 3-37 Grandview Avenue in Ridgewood, it was relatively clean and for sale, but without a C of O.
Fast forward 2 months and there still is no C of O and things are now looking kinda dumpy.
And apparently the Department of Sanitation noticed, too.


Joe said...

That is hands down the ugliest pieces of shit posted on this website including every .com in this country for that matter.

Why all the plastic duck banisters, is somebody going bowling ?


Anonymous said...

Where's the handicapped entrance? It is a three story, by law it must have one.

I guess someone got paid off again at the DOB!

PS: LOVE the landscaped lawn.

Anonymous said...

Nice hiding place for vermin under the steps.

If McMansions are going out of style, then why can't the same thing happen to the Fedder houses?

JerseyBrett said...

I have a question for everyone here. Because I don't live in Queens, I would like to know who exactly is building and buying these dreadful apartments? Are American builders constructing these buildings? Also, who exactly is buying these apartments? I'm very curious....

Anonymous said...

Well, i can tell you that, no Americans aren't the ones moving in and buying these places.

That would assume Americans are moving INTO queens in the first place, which isn't happening.

This being ridge wood, i would not be surprised to see that this one in particular is built by a polish crew, and will be rented out to equal or lesser eastern euro trash and/or hispanics.

Anonymous said...

Why all the plastic duck banisters, is somebody going bowling ?

No, no, no, those are "marble" and they are "classy", no?

This is what happens when tasteless people hire low-skilled contractors.

Joe said...

Those are "marble" and they are "classy" No ?

R-Sure they are --and im the Pope !

georgetheatheist said...

I'm with Joe and his always precision commentary. On the mark. Bullseye.

velvethead said...

In Ridgewood, you would think the Poles. But I gotta tell ya, Poles tend to take more pride in their work than that monstrosity. My money is on the Pakies, Chinese or Korean. Though the C/K's love to use that Stainless Steel crap on the railings and doors.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how people think of Ridgewood as a strictly polish neighborhood when hispanics account for about 50% of the population while polish about 25%. I mean yea they bought up a bunch of stores which makes it seem as if they're more, but this neighborhood is alot more diverse than just polish. Theres alot of Arabs, filipinos, chinese people and a decent black population around seneca ave through wyckoff mainly haitians and then spread around from Fresh Pond to Onderdonk so to just classify this entire neighborhood as Polish is kinda out there. That specific block on grandview is mainly a hispanic and youd be hardpressed to find a pole that lives in that block specifically.