Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bob Turner answers lame Weiner Op-Ed

From the Brooklyn Downtown Star:

Dear Mr. Weiner, I read your op-ed titled "why we should all be angry" defending your recent tirade on the House floor.

As the Republican challenger for the seat you have held for a decade, I want to offer a perspective shared by many of your constituents.

Mr. Weiner, we are angry because our Congressman represents everything that is wrong with Washington right now.

Your tirade on the house floor was a disgraceful display of theatrics and nothing more. As the Democratic Whip, you were well aware of what the outcome would be when you required a two-thirds vote to pass the 9/11 First Responders Health Care Bill. You knew full well, Mr. Weiner, that you would not get the votes needed to pass the bill due to the provision for illegal aliens.

Your Democratic colleague Robert Zimmerman put it best as he criticized your tired routine by saying “Our legislators are defining their credibility and effectiveness by the number of YouTube hits and sound bites that are generated.” And you tell us why we should all be angry?

Your political spin machine is always hard at work. You send out promotional mailers that misrepresent you as a fighter for the middle class and small businesses. And this false advertising is paid for by the taxpayers.

Your federal earmarks speak volumes of your mayoral aspirations. Right here in Queens we need federal funding for Riis Park reparations. You ignore our needs, but you are able to secure millions in federal funding for the gay, lesbian and trans-gender community in lower Manhattan. As our elected representative, your time and energy should be spent on programs within the 9th District. And you tell us why we should all be angry?

Mr. Weiner, we are angry because our Congressman is a career politician, a self-promoting showman who lacks real world experience, has zero business sensibility and whose only motivation is to further his political career at the expense of those who he is paid to represent.

As a non-politician challenger to your seat, I cannot match your name recognition, political muscle or funding. But what I do have on my side is the will of the majority in the 9th CD. I am the voice of the people that you are supposed to represent and it is time for you to go.


Anonymous said...

I'll vote for anyone running against this lying,self-promoting weasel.Weener must go!

faster340 said...

Very good letter. Right on point!

Anonymous said...

Blame Bush. Weiner can't lose.

Anonymous said...

As if the reigning queen herself, Pete King (R-L.I.) behaves any better on the House floor.

Deke DaSilva said...


Point to Bob Turner!

Snake Plissskin said...

Good Work! That is a start, folks.

Anonymous said...

Dont know much about Bob Turner yet, but I love him already! Let's get rid of Weiner! Chuck Light must go!

Anonymous said...

is "CHUCKIE" and the Weiner in hiding concerning the "SHARIA MOSQUE" at the W.T.C. site.? miss him on tv at Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

How about that anti Christian Mormon rally in D.C.? The Joseph Smith seer stone's practice is pure snake handling.