Saturday, August 21, 2010

Because it was so successful the first time...

From the NY Post:

Forget the L train; soon Brooklyn hipsters will be taking the ferry.

The city issued a request for proposals yesterday for a Williamsburg ferry landing, part of a plan to bring water taxis to the East River.

It's part of a pilot program that will begin next spring after a one-year delay.

The ferry would also make stops at Northside and Greenpoint.

Officials are also conducting studies to decide whether to add ferry service to La Guardia Airport and Astoria in Queens, and 125th, 20th, 75th and 90th streets along the East River in Manhattan.

They're also looking at the possibility of ferry service to Roosevelt Island and Coney Island.

The ferry-expansion project will be funded by $4.4 million in federal transportation money and $1.1 million in city funds.

Of that, $2.25 million will be used for construction work involving the Williamsburg ferry.

The ferries are expected to be run by a combination of city and private operators.


Anonymous said...

As long as the fare is affordable and not a rip off like the existing Water Taxi is, I'm all for it. But we all know it's gonna cost too much, no one will use it and the Fed money will be wasted.

Anonymous said...

do you think that the ferry owners will be from one political dominating that is who remained with their auto dealerships,while the owners of the opposing party dealerships were fired by the car dollars for your vote is on the way.

Anonymous said...

You're starting with a false premise by repeating Rush Limbaugh's untrue accusations about the car dealers. NOT! said...

How exciting! Just what our community needs!

Overdevelopment? Absentee Landlords? Quality of life slipping from Hoboken to Corona? Crime?

What we really need is a ..... ferry!!!!!

Remember the waterfront might be filthy, crumbling, and crime ridden but we just organize more community cleanups! No point in expecting anyone to care or notice or waste time calling 311.

Hope our electeds notice and stop by for a photo op!

Of couse, we can always DO something by ... well...holding yet another LISTENING SESSION!

Come out and push for that ferry to Astoria! It will help waterfront development and just perhaps the rest of us! Why not?

Our taxes are paying for it!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, this is idiotic and a waste of taxpayer money.

These sites and many others like them have been studied and restudied so many times it's laughable. LaGuardia, in particular, has been repeatedly deemed infeasible.

Anonymous said...

More tax money waste.