Thursday, January 21, 2010

Miss Heather visits Purves Street

"Here are some images I took last week. This is the site that yesterday's reader referred to as being on Purves Street. Feel free to use them.

I'm a really big fan of the following one.

Wouldn't YOU like to have a luxury condo overlooking this "added value". If my memory serves me correctly the condo in the background (with the white lattice work) was built by Scarano and won an architecture award."

Miss Heather

Oh yes, I recall!


Anonymous said...

The fact that there is a luxury condo across the street ensures that the empty lot won't stay empty for long. The developer will not be able to sell units, so he will cut deals to get it cleaned up. The system works.

Anonymous said...

Yeah? Is that why it's been that way for months?

CJ said...

Anonymous said:

"The system works."

Where have I heard that recently?

Yes, the system works, but the question is for who? Certainly not the people who live there.