Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Voice calls Queens Crap one of "Gotham's Best"

From the Village Voice:

[The Populist]
Queens Crap
Proprietor: "Queens Crapper"

The proprietor of Queens Crap wouldn't send us a picture, saying, "That kind of defeats the purpose of having an anonymous blog, doesn't it?" If you read the blog, you'll understand why the author wants to keep a low profile.

QC slashes hard at borough (and city) politicians, some of whom earn the name "Tweeder," a reference to the rapacious ward-heelers of Tammany Hall days. QC sometimes runs—along with selected, damning news bites—brief commentary, like this message to Mike Bloomberg: "Term limits were good enough to remove Giuliani after 9/11 (what got your ass in office in the first place), and it's good enough to get rid of you now." Mostly, these days, QC is content to run satirical headlines ("JFK Clusterfuck Coming") or pictures, like Congressman Gary Ackerman with his hand in a cookie jar. The blog's commenters are lively, and sometimes borderline racist, obscene, or unkind (one on former Beep Claire Shulman: "Shulman is a backstabbing pig who puts on kneepads for the Mayor"). Vox populi!

And that's just what you see on the site. Though mum about it, the Queens Crapper is a public-spirited citizen who goes to the meetings and has learned how to work the system. "The website is only about half of what the Queens Crapper does," QC tells us. "I get private e-mails asking for advice about how to tackle certain issues, and I respond privately."

That was a surprise to us—from the tone of the blog, we said, it seemed like QC doesn't expect things to change at all. "Oh, that's where you're wrong," QC says. "I do expect things to change. I think the era of complacency is about to come to an abrupt end, and I hope to document it." In fact, the blogger adds, "there are many talented unsung mid-level city employees that go out of their way to help their fellow citizens on a daily basis and are not just there to collect a paycheck. I would give them kudos on my site, but it might get them fired."

Why not run for office? "Because attending meetings all day is boring, and this is so much more enjoyable." —edroso


Babs said...


Anonymous said...

Q.C. is a fair referee.

Mike Tirelli said...

Damn the torpedos, FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Now just learn that the anti regulation republican Wall St boys are no different than a NYC democrat of the same ilk.
Understand what Ron Paul said about true libertarianism and equally report both sides of the hypocrite hall.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Voice. QC is always fresh and 24/7/365. Great job QC, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...


What an honor. Congratulations!

Keep up the good work.

Klink Cannoli said...

Uh-oh. Your gig just got harder.

Great to get to know more about what you do beside the blog.

Miles Mullin said...

he he he he

we havn't even worked up a sweat yet.

he he he he

Anonymous said...


Congratulations, you truly do deserve it. You have opened a forum in Queens that gives a voice to all of its residents and gives everyone a chance to state their views (most of the time - I know some of my comments have never been posted and their was not a profanity or attack included).

No matter what, you have done a great service to Queens and although our differnces definitly do exist I sincerly appreciate what you have done with this blog and if Queens had such a thing I would nominate you for Queensborough person of the year (I dont know which year, pick one - we all know you dont have any competition in this bourough).

Thanks again.

Missing Foundation said...

Its a place where Ayn Rand and Trotskyites dialogue:

Look out Big Brother!

georgetheatheist said...

For he's a jolly good fellow
Which nobody can deny.
Hip, hip, hooray!

Anonymous said...

Yippee the Village Voice for Crappie - thanks Crappie for your efforts and providing with a free voice.

Are you going to put Village Voice pictures on your site - spice up Queens a little bit with the village people culture?

linda said...

LMAO, congrats!! now you know all the dumb asses are reading into this.. maybe now they'll take queens and the people of nyc entirely more serious.. now if they would of listen durning the election and got rid of the troll.

Detective McNutty said...

Good Job Crapper. Thanks for the honest and fair tone of the blog. A modern day muckraker.

Dan | said...

Great write up!

Auntie Invasion said...

just don't forget:

the higher you climb the bigger your ass looks

Auntie Invasion said...

And don't sit on the cold stoop you are going to get diarrhea if you do.

Alan Gross said...

Here's to many more years of revelations and celebrations! Thanks for publishing my articles and keeping it all real.

Anonymous said...

This article still doesn't answer what I've been always wondering. Is the crapper a male or female? Oh and congratulations on the write up.

Queens Crapper said...

Why would that matter?

Anonymous said...

Why would that matter?

It doesn't. Just trying to learn more about who the crapper is.

You Know Who said...

Who is the 'Crapper'?

Its a bit like trying to profile the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Big Foot, and John Q. Citizen.

That is a question that you will never find a answer to.

The 'Crapper' is a lot of people that just one day showed up here in cyberspace and ... well we could say the rest is history but the story is hardly on the road, isn't it?

Speeder said...

nice job as always crapper

Anonymous said...

i discovered QC a long time ago.

georgetheatheist said...

The Crapper is the Lone Ranger.

Hi-yo Shulman, awaaaay!

Anonymous said...

Crapper - You noted in the Voice article that you don't like to point out the folks in government that are getting things right, but I for one wouldn't mind hearing about those people every once in a while. I'm so disillusioned with the yahoos running our city, it would be nice to be put on to some of our representatives that are doing a good job.

PizzaBagel said...

Congratulations, Crappy! It's well-deserved.

I'm with you on the ultimately optimistic view of NYC.

Keep up the stellar work, both here and in the real world. (Where do you find the time and energy for it all?)

Anonymous said...

Crappie - Recognition for great work. Thanks for keeping the issues out front where everyone from everywhere can see them and opin about them etc.

Jerry Rotondi said...


Continue ruffling the tweeders' feathers and keep on slicing through all their s**t!

I enjoy the privilege of being able to contribute to your blog from time to time.

The forum you've offered here for unfettered free speech bolsters America's solid foundation.

Long live our republic!