Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bloomberg makes dire predictions

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg warned lawmakers in Albany Monday that Gov. Paterson's proposed $134 billion budget for 2010-2011 would cost the city 18,500 jobs.

That breaks down to 10,000 city employees and 8,500 teachers.

"We would, for example, have to lay off 3,150 police officers - reducing the NYPD's operational strength to 1985 levels," Bloomberg said in prepared testimony. "Some 1,050 firefighters would be laid off, and the firehouses where they work would be closed."

"We'd also have to lay off close to 900 City correction officers," he added.

More cuts, as threatened by Bloomberg:

Street cleaning and litter basket collection service slashed in half, curbside pick-up reduced by a third, some 500 parks personnel (close to 19 percent of the staff) would face firing - "the equivalent of closing all pools, beaches, and recreation centers, citywide. "

Also on the chopping block would be city funding for 500 soup kitchens and 15 senior centers.

"Such budget cuts would inevitably damage the quality of life in the city that drives the economy of the entire state. It's in your power to prevent many of those dire consequences - simply by giving the people of New York City a fair deal," the mayor says.

If the Legislature restores the $328 million in revenue sharing Paterson has proposed cutting from the city (94 percent of the $349 million statewide reduction), it would "spare" some 3,400 uniformed employees and nearly 2,500 civilian employees, Bloomberg maintains.

From the NY Times:

Even as he warns that the city may have to lay off thousands of workers, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has found city jobs for 15 members of his re-election campaign, many of whom are earning six-figure salaries, records and interviews show.

The hirings suggest that while Mr. Bloomberg is calling for a leaner government that reflects the economic downturn, he is finding money in the budget for those who engineered his unexpectedly close re-election.

In addition, seven city employees who left their jobs to work on the campaign have returned, in many cases at higher salaries. Together, the appointments cost taxpayers more than $2 million in government wages.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Here comes the NYC I knew from the late 80s and early 90s.

Anonymous said...

when government expands the private sector conracts. 3.6% unemployment vs. 10.2 %-17% .

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, Bloomberg spent 100 million on getting re-elected (by a very small margin) and 300 million will cripple the city. He already crippled us by running for a third term. We will survive, after all, this is New York, the greatest city in the world.

Lrt's save money by dumping some politicians. they're useless anyway

Anonymous said...

I don't understand, he said he was the best mayor money can buy?

Anonymous said...

It's okay: with all this kids unable to afford to get to school without a Metrocard...those extra teachers won't be needed!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he cut City Planning? Why not ESDC?

Georges said...

Bloomberg is blustering with this talk to scare the Governor to insure we will get back our share of tax revenues. Without us the only other area in the State that makes money is not in the same league as NYC and is probably not making money these days as tourism is way down.
The Capital region is humming because most folks with a decent job is most likely a NYS employee - that's right your paying for all those folks doing what??

Thus the State must not re-distribute our NYC tax revenues, rather return a greater amount to reinvest in the city that will come back strongly to then strengthen the remainder of the state.

The Gov - is a lame (sunk) duck at this point and is fighting everyone who smells him from far that he is a long dead duck with not the slightest chance of ever returning to office. Bloomberg for all his warts is piling on and this is what he must do as the next Mayor somewhere else is doing.

Anonymous said...

Layoffs he laments while hiring campaign staffers to the public payroll. Hypocrite.

CJ said...

It's January, reelection was assured and....what's that noise? Was that the sound of the other shoe dropping?
Democracy is the opiate of the masses.

Anonymous said...

How many tens of millions were spent just on Wallets Point so far? And look at the list of "targets" getting shtupped by Shulman, the EDC, etc. Meanwhile, the public is so dumbed down that they believe up is down, black is white, left is right. You get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Even more disgusting - he hasn't settled the contract with city sewage treatment workers (STWs) for 8 YEARS, which means they haven't had a raise in 8 YEARS. Thanks to STWs our beaches & rivers are clean & developers are prospering along the waterfront. Ironically the STWs can't afford any of this new housing. Bloomberg waited until 2 days before Christmas to appeal a court decision that would've settled the contract. He's a bedbug.

Anonymous said...

Sewage treatment workers? Listen, Ed Norton, take your whiney claim of 8 years without a raise and drink it down with your sewer water. Government workers like you are killing our economy.

Anonymous said...

listen Ralph Cramdon,many private sector career employees have been out of work for one to two years.
the government financial social engineers ,with collusion from some wall street liberals, acorn, seiu, fannie mae, freddie mac.,have forced company's to downsize.