Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cuthbert Crap

Sorry I don't have a screenshot of what was here previously at 84-03 Cuthbert Road, but it apparently was a small structure of some kind, possibly a garage. The overhead shot shows the foundation under construction.
The resulting building contains 17 dwelling units, 2 health care offices (community facilities provision invocation) and 3 commercials spaces and is completely out of scale with the rest of the low-rise block. Where there used to be no one will soon house dozens of people. No upgrades in sewers, surrounding 'hood still has overflowing schools, etc. You know the story.

(Of course, the developer's from Great Neck.)


Anonymous said...

I need one of those condos man I'm sure the asking price is going to be reasonable and I love the rusty accent the balcony is going to add in the near future.

FlooshingRezident said...

But don't forget the abundant street parking on the block! What a travesty! We need an Aesthetics Police Force, or guidelines at the very minimum. How unfortunate for the folks living in the two lovely Tudors on either side of this piece of garbage. Can't you just see the developer standing out front bragging to his cronies about the deal he cut and the money he's made for his revolting offspring? Revolting!

Georges said...

"Completely out of scale" "How unfortunate for the folks living in the two lovely Tudors on either side of this piece of garbage"

Ok now, where is the landmark commision for the Tudors - they are irrplacable and the garbage built between them is irresponsible on the part of the city to allow it to be built at all. Why are there 2 building code standards - 1 for Manhattan and the second for anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

what you didn't mention is that this is the so called Fair Market Housing. Fair to the landlord and nobody else.

is it rent stabilized? it is rent controlled? these kinds of buildings are a nail in the coffin of rent laws.

the schlocky way it's built I can tell that there will be leaks and lots of mold - give it five years. It will be a slum

Anonymous said...

The zoning laws were written long ago by a bunch of old time "Americans." Blame them for this mess.

Lino said...

Once again, you are not going to stop this sort of thing unless you change..and enforce zoning.

You'll be up against a power force: Greed.

Every two-bit owner of a pied et terre thinks it is going to make him rich. Curb zoning to prevent these apt buildings and their property values will come down to where people who actually want to live in a house -there- will be able to afford so.

Or you can just gas off and complain.

Queens Crapper said...

What do you mean, "enforce zoning" Lino? This is as-of-right under the zoning where there is a "community facility" on premises. What we need to do is get rid of that provision, which will never happen because it was a loophole written in by city planning and the city council in order to allow developers to skirt the law. Queens is nothing more than a giant cow to be milked by those who live on the north shore.