Saturday, January 23, 2010

Halloran accuses Kim of hiding his money

From the Times Ledger:

Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) is eligible to receive additional funding from the city, but the newly elected councilman for northeast Queens said the money could have been more useful during last fall’s campaign season and that it must all go toward paying off debts accrued for mailing and printing costs.

Amanda Konstam, a spokeswoman for the city Campaign Finance Board, said Halloran will receive a Tier 2 bonus due to the post-election filings of his Democratic opponent Kevin Kim, who did not participate in the city’s matching funds program.

Candidates can receive Tier 2 bonuses after their opponents earn three times the spending allocation of $161,000, or $483,000. Once qualifying for the bonus, a candidate can receive up to $1,500 in matching funds per contributor and their spending limits are eliminated.

But Halloran said he never received the bonus despite Kim’s total funds exceeding $600,000.

Halloran accused Kim’s campaign of purposely under-reporting its funds to prevent him from receiving the Tier 2 bonus.

“Questions like these are handled through the audit process,” Campaign Finance Board spokesman Eric Friedman said of Halloran’s accusation.

Michael Nussbaum, a spokesman for Kim’s campaign, brushed off Halloran’s accusations that his opponent did not adequately report his campaign contributions.

“I wish Dan Halloran mazel tov that he will get a bonus from the Campaign Finance Board,” he said. “I don’t know what the problem is. The Kim campaign complied with all regulations and all filings were done on a timely basis. The board had no problem with our filings.”


Anonymous said...

was not the spokesman for "dukin donuts" Kim ,a convicted bagman for the Donald Manes parking violations scam?
were they not all liberal democrats?

and the political corruption in QUEENS COUNTY continues.

we need more Bay State pick up trucks in Queens.

Lino said...

This guy (Halloran) look tailor made for the rubber chicken circuit.

The New York Times had a classic shot of him coming out of the voting booth on election day. He looked like a little boy who had been caught peeing in that booth.

Seriously, he looks like a lot of fun.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Leave Halloran alone!

He is doing a great job so far and we should all wish him well.

Lino said...

" primadonna said...
Leave Halloran alone!"

OK sorry...but you gotta admit the guy is a natural comedian.

As for investigating the Korean's campaign finances..well his conservative stupneagl brethren on the Supreme Court pretty much mooted that this week.

From this point on, expect foreign money to come flooding in via transnational corporations. Chuck Schumer and others are trying to write laws to curtail this but it these corporations are so complex and opaque it'll have little effect.

The conservatives of course didn't consider this...they never do think beyond their own short term gains.

What will China say..
What will Russia say..
What will Korea say..

Get used to it.

Thanks a lot SCOTUS.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe the arrogance of Nussbaum?

D. Truth said...

Really Mike? Let's not forget this article from the Oct. 22, 2009 Queens Chronicle:

Anonymous said...

re:lino ,the liberal loyalass,

demonize ,demonize ,that is all you lefties have left.

do you demonize the United Federation of Teachers, and the Trial Lawyers for their huge union controlled
bribes to the democrat liberal politicians ?

lets include the S.E.I.U. and
United Auto Workers Union etc,etc,.

are these union leaders pupils of Marx? Do you believe in Andy Stein's "workers of the world unite"
B/S ?
watch out for the NY pick up truck.

shot my load said...

What's Ackerman's (ha, ha) "take" on all this?

You're telling me that anyone who's joined at the hip with Nussbaum and Gershuny...2 former Manes clean?

All of Nussbaum's "Shanghai Entertainment Ltd." money...where did it go?

A lot of massage parlor "happy endings" paid for Kim's

Anonymous said...

The first commenter might want to see information on how the Tea Party Express is not the original Tea Party Ron Paul started that is sick of both Republicans and Dems failing.

Ron Paul and others who started the Tea Party Movement want nothing to do with religious fanatics like Michele Bachman and Palin.

Tempest in the Tea Party

Conservative activists decry GOP consultants for dropping $1,600 on a fancy meal—while hijacking their grassroots movement.

Anonymous said...

demonizing politicians for their religious beliefs is a communist/marxist method to diminish acceptance of the message being sent. the marxists can not refute the message.

the facts are the obama administration is a one term nightmare for the Nation.

connect the dots.

see the beck documentary.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of the Greater Whitestone Taxpayers Association? They are a bunch of scammers. I paid cash to them thinking they were a trustworthy bunch of old-time folks. But the processor just pocketed the money and now I'm the fool for not writing a check. Can't trust ANYONE these days.