Saturday, January 30, 2010

Espada pays workers less than minimum wage

From CBS 2:

Embattled Bronx Sen. Pedro Espada is again under investigation. This time he's accused of luring impoverished members of his community to work as janitors at his health clinics, and paying them way below minimum wage.

Espada went to an upstate duck farm recently to take up the cause of migrant workers and demand they get fair pay and good treatment.

"What you're doing here is absolutely criminal," Espada said.

Pity that he apparently doesn't feel the same way about people working as janitors at Soundview Health Clinics, which Espada owns.

CBS 2 HD has learned that a company he controls that provides custodial services at Soundview was apparently running a sham internship program where workers received no training and were paid dramatically below minimum wage.

CBS 2 HD: "How much were you paid?"

Carlos Gonzalez: "I was paid $150."

That's $150 for two weeks work -- 80 hours at $1.87 an hour. The state minimum wage is $7.25.


Anonymous said...

This politician has hit a new low. He has actually found a way to take money from people who have nothing. He doesn't have to steal our tax money, he takes it right from the labor and sweat of his own community. (I'll guess he steals our hard earned tax money also)

Anonymous said...

This guy comes from the same school as Monserrate. Get rid of them!!

Anonymous said...

Man I thought the Italian and Greek restaurant owners payed them the least (3$ an hour) but this guy takes the cake.

Anon said...

Ask who is Jerry L. Love?

Jerry L. Love's title at Espada's Bronx office is "Special Housing Assistant". He doesn't need to know or do anything, claim to fame is that Mommy, Sandra Love, is good buds (& co defendant) with Espada.

Four of Espada's staff members went to prison in 2004.,+espada+finds+himself+in+hot+water+again

Anonymous said...

Why should Espada care? He's getting his six-figure salary. He doesn't care for his own people in his community. The only time he cares is when he needs votes. That's when he'll throw these people a few crumbs to secure their votes. This guy is a criminal and a career politician. Slap term limits on all these hacks. Until then, you'll see this over and over again. I though slavery was abolished. My bad!

Anonymous said...

where are the Latino (Acorn type) political sting groups ?

it is there taxes that are being stolen also.

PizzaBagel said...

where are the Latino (Acorn type) political sting groups ?

it is there taxes that are being stolen also.

Taxes? We don't pay no steenkin' taxes!

Anonymous said...

Why is this guy still in office. He is a dirtbag.

Doesn't even live where he represents.

Impeach him out of office!