Friday, January 29, 2010

Bloomie bribed Independence Party

From the Village Voice:

For the second year in a row, Mayor Bloomberg has quietly pumped more than $1 million into the state's Independence Party -- without disclosing it as part of his own campaign spending.

Campaign finance records show that Bloomberg wrote two checks for $600,000 apiece last fall to the Independence Party's Housekeeping account, as reported by the Daily Politics' Elizabeth Benjamin. Both checks were deposited just a few days before the general election. The bulk of the money - a whopping $750,000 - was routed by the party to an Albany campaign outfit called Special Election Operations LLC.

The checks are all personal donations by Bloomberg - not from his own campaign. This allows the billionaire mayor to take advantage of the sky's-the-limit rules that apply to contributions to so-called housekeeping accounts. For a guy who spends a lot of time complaining about the free-wheeling ways of Albany pols, the mayor sure knows his way around the political ropes.


Anonymous said...

Mais non!!! Never would have expected this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bloomcrud bribes women to sleep with him too.

Anonymous said...

Heard of a kept woman? What we have here in Bloombergia is a kept political system, at least in terms of the Repugnicants and the Indemendicants, and Quinndemocracybedamnedcouncil.

Captain Renault said...

Shocking. How terribly shocking.

Missing Foundation said...

I think he had a hand in the Green party (that joke, Rev Billy taking attention from Tony Avella, for example).

The donation to Thompson's group, that news nugget whose life on the news wire lasted less than an ice cream sandwhich, is another.

Would make a great book - 'The Stealing of New York'.

Any takers?

Moved to Toronto said...

Speaking of independence...let's tear up our Declaration of Independence and use the Constitution to line our bird cages.

Face it folks democracy is dead.

Furthermore...I'd go for a return to the mother country....Britain...if they'd take us back.

At least they have a good national health service.

And Obama (LOL)....well...he's just another house servant of the vested interests!

Mineshaft Mike said...

He bribes men to sleep with him from what my "buddy" told me...Primadonna.

Anonymous said...

How surprising that DN reports this AFTER the election. Don't buy the New Joke Post, DN or NY times. Put these traitors out of business. Fuiliani is a NIGGER. yes a NIGGER because she was on the step of city hall after he signed the bill to extend his term, she stated that he will have NO party to run on since SHE will reach out to the Republican party as well as her PARTY not to have him on their ballot. What a SELLOUT. She might as well lick Bloomberg's butt after he went to the toilet.

Miles Mullin said...


Asking the Lords and Ladies - to say nothing of the drunken louts - that make up the Sceptured Isles to take us back?

Tearing up the Declaration of Independence and using it to line a birdcage?

Thems fightin' words!

Anonymous said...

Did someone say impeachment?

Anonymous said...

Haggerty, Hunter, Hmmmm!