Saturday, January 30, 2010

Now they want to close hospitals in Manhattan

From the NY Post:

A rival, powerhouse medical group has proposed taking over and shuttering the 160-year-old St. Vincent's Medical Center in Greenwich Village, which would spell the end of the city's only remaining Catholic hospital, The Post has learned.

Continuum Health Partners -- which operates Beth Israel, St. Luke's and Roosevelt hospitals in Manhattan -- has submitted a plan to assume control of the financially struggling, 727-bed St. Vincent's, sources said.

The new corporate operator would "close all acute care" units -- such as inpatient beds and surgical services -- within 60 to 90 days, according to a source involved in the discussions.

The proposal has real muscle behind it.

Two holders of a combined $300 million St. Vincent's debt -- GE Capital and TD Bank -- support the Continuum takeover with the tacit approval of the state, sources said.

State Health Commissioner Richard Daines previously served as CEO of Continuum's St. Luke's Hospital. Under the plan, St. Vincent's would be converted from a hospital to a community health center with Continuum in charge, sources said.

Patients eventually would be rerouted to other city hospitals for surgical and in-patient care.


Anonymous said...

I seen that Quinn on the news defending not to close it, my question is why did she wait so long? Isn't that her district? Maybe she might have some empathy for us Queens residents after St. Vincents closes it's doors....

Georges said...

Soon NY ers will be going to NJ hospitals when sick - there will be none left in NYC soon.

Missing Foundation said...

Ask Quinn why City Planning roars ahead to add more people, while services to serve the people here are shutting down.

Write letters!

Ask in front of the TV cameras!

Share will Crappy!

What fun!

Snake Plissskin said...

Well, Village, you could have hosted Tony Avella fund raisers, but instead you sent Quinn back to City Council.

Remember how the hacks at Queens Borough Hall always said Queens was the USA of tomorrow.

Welcome to tomorrow jerks.

Auntie Invasion said...

does anyone else ask the question why are there no American people, native NY'er's, working at the Catholic hospitals?

God Bless them, but why are they packed with Filipino nurses and nasty Carri-bean security guards, orderlies?

where are the NY born American workers in these hospitals?

They have been closed already as places of employment for Americans. I do not see a diverse workplace there. I see immigrants and few Americans, black or white.

I bet it's a case of if you do get a job there, the immigrant syndicate will make your life so miserable you want to quit.

Anonymous said...

does anyone else ask the question why are there no American people, native NY'er's, working at the Catholic hospitals?

always trying to bring the Archie Bunker out in Queens - dosn't work though cause half the boro has people in the health professions.

Now back to the question on birds coming home to roost - and why Manhattan chose to back Quinn and not Tony.