Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marty's sense of entitlement

From the NY Post:

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's SUV was seen last week zooming through red lights in Flatbush as if it were an emergency vehicle, on the way to a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg.

Markowitz defended the use of lights and sirens as "appropriate."

"They are only used with great discretion," insisted Mark Zustovich, the beep's spokesman.

He has been caught before blazing through Brooklyn.

In October 2004, one of his constituents complained that Markowitz's SUV whipped through a red light at Third Avenue and Sackett Street. An aide later said the beep was on his way to a speech.

When asked why Markowitz has lights and sirens in the first place, his spokesman replied, "They were authorized by the city of New York."

Not according to the mayor's office, which says it has nothing to do with what elected officials install in their vehicles.

Not according to the state motor-vehicle law, which makes no provision for elected officials to use equipment reserved for emergency vehicles such as ambulances and police cars.

And not according to the NYPD.


Anonymous said...

bust him,before he kills a citizen.

Anonymous said...

What a ego maniac this borough "president" is and why on earth does he have emergency lights?

This reminds me of Bill Janklow four term governor of SD running a stop sign and hitting killing a motorcyclist or Bill Bennet advising someone on gambling.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get hit with that car.Not an emergency vehicle,imprpoer insurance and i'm sure the driver is not evoc trained.Big payday!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Marty is special and above the law, leave him alone. In fact he should run for Queens Beep - liven up the place - be Marshall of Queens Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever met this guy. He's like a clown in a suit.

Anonymous said...

Marty Markowitz is known for not obeying the laws , which John Q Public has to abide by.
When it comes to getting a Sound Permit for his Seaside Concerts Marty is in violation of the 500 foot rule.
That NYC Adminstrativie Law states " no sound permit is allowed within 500 feet of a Church, Synagogue, Hosital or School." There just so happens to be not 1 but 2 jewish Centers right across from the Bandshell.
He's been in violation of this law for over 25 years!
The law doesn't apply to Marty "GOD" Markowitz.

Anonymous said...

MARTY tries to DCEVE his constituents.

Anonymous said...

what an ugly troll, run him down.