Sunday, January 24, 2010

Buyer beware!

When you buy into a new overhyped building, you may end up with a bigger headache than you bargained for. Such was the case at this building, which Curbed has all the details about.


an Asian bilked by an Asian said...

Give me a solid really luxurious pre-war any day.

New construction usually means built like shit...with a few cosmetic bells and whistles added for distraction!

And then there are those Tommy Huang & Sons "SPECIALS" (LOL) gag!

Anonymous said...

Smoked a joint........forgot the tub was filling!!!!!!! It`s that simple.

The Curb poster above probably got it dead on as to what occurred here.

Jeff said...

My GF and I have gone to open houses for two of the crap apartment complexes that have gone up near us (of about 2 dozen). Man are they pieces of sh*t. I saw dozens of signs of crappy materials and crappy workmanship hidden under the patina of luxury. If you looked closely, you could see dents in the flooring, marred kitchen surfaces, irregularly cut tiles, patches in concrete, etc etc etc. Depressing at best.