Friday, January 29, 2010

Cuomo campaign loaded with developer cash

From the NY Times:

As Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo readies his candidacy for governor, one industry is helping him amass a huge fund-raising advantage: real estate.

The real estate industry, which Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo helps oversee, has been his top giver, even as it has hit hard times.

New records show that even as the industry has confronted its worst crisis in decades, developers, construction executives and real estate lobbyists have given millions of dollars to Mr. Cuomo, providing one in every five dollars over the past six months.

The money has come as Mr. Cuomo’s office has been flooded with complaints about construction in new developments, especially from buyers who are trying to break their sales contracts, claiming that builders are not living up to their promises.

An analysis by The New York Times shows that the real estate industry was the top giver to Mr. Cuomo over the past three years as he amassed $18 million, leaving him with a five-to-one advantage over Gov. David A. Paterson, a fellow Democrat. The donors include some of the biggest names in the business, many of whom are grappling with intense pressures in the current slowdown.

...prominent givers included Lloyd Goldman, an owner of the World Trade Center site; Bruce C. Ratner, the Atlantic Yards developer...

Is that why Cuomo won't indict Ratner for bribery?

Or maybe the Feds have it in the works? (Or maybe not.)


Anonymous said...

I've been practicing/using voter apathy since I turned 18. I go to vote, but RARELY do I EVER actually give a candidate my vote unless I see he/she is beyond any doubt, fit to serve my interests in my community/district/state etc....

Anonymous said...

I've given up on voting for any party's candidates.

I write in my own dark horse candidate..."Mr. Bribe Me"!

So when he loses at least I knew who I voted for.

Anonymous said...

No big surprise that MR. HUD has deals with the "insiders". Hey he even ensure Helmsley trust was stolen from the dogs and given to his cronies. I prefer paterson over Cuomo any day.

Anonymous said...

I disliked this guy ever since he forced companies like Time Warner to dump its newsgroup services over typical "Wont someone please think of the children" crap.

Anonymous said...

Complaints about Tommy Huang that fell on deaf ears too.

Mike Tirelli said...

Say what you will! Gov. Paterson took on a thankless job, in the worst ever economic climate, with a bunch of school boy bullies (state congressman and senators)running the show for their own benefit. I respect the man every time I see him give a speech because I believes he gives a damn. Gov. Paterson got to where he is today because of his intelligence.

He got my vote because he deserves it. We need more politicians like Gov. Paterson.