Friday, January 22, 2010

City's swine flu response costly

From the Daily News:

Swine flu is nothing to sneeze at - and neither was the cost of vaccinating 200,000 New Yorkers.

Protecting worried city dwellers from the virus - which did not claim nearly as many victims as feared - cost an of average $155 a shot, newly released numbers show.

H1N1 panic peaked at the end of summer, when doomsday estimates put the possible death toll at 90,000 Americans. Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a massive plan to vaccinate and educate the city.

Braced for a pandemic, the city spent $31 million on the swine flu campaign.

But swine flu has killed just 85 New Yorkers since the epidemic started in spring 2008, and only 200,000 people sought a vaccine.

"I think we did a great job," said Isaac Weisfuse, the flu coordinator at the New York City Heath Department.


Anonymous said...

This program is/was a big joke - the public won't be fooled into taking this vacine - it has not been tested and if hospital personnel won't take it for the risks it involves, then the rest of us will not be testers.

Anonymous said...

The swine flu campaign was one big scam put forth by out government as a corporate welfare handout to the pharmaceutical companies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both posters most heartily!

I decided to take my chances and NOT GET the questionable potentially more dangerous that the hyped "pandemic" flu shot!

I'm still here at age 68!

Anonymous said...

Almost my entire family got the H1N1 shot.

No reaction, nothing. And we're still here!!!
Only we're protected and you're not.

Scaredy cats.

Anonymous said...

+1. We got the shot, too, to further protect our infant at home.

This is hilarious. If swine flu caused more deaths, y'all would be jumping to blame Bloomie for inadequate response. As it is, the city vacinnated hundreds of thousands and avoided the dreaded pandemic - and you're still complaining. Get a freakin' life!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is GOD help those who were brainwashed into believing this swine flu HOAX. I honestly hope you do not encounter any repercussions in the future. As for me and ALL of my family - we have NEVER gotten a flu vaccine and yet we also have NEVER contracted the flu (we rarely ever get colds). What's the secret? Good old Vitamin C/Vitamin D and herbal teas. C'mon people wake up - stop the guinea pig volunteering.

Anonymous said...

Gool old Vitamin C or D isn't good enough when you have immunity deficiencies.

Swine flu ravages people's lungs and no one knows who will be the one it happens to. It's a chance I'm not willing to take.

Imagine if you were to die of swine flu. Do you know the first thing people would ask? Did he/she get the swine flu shot?
Answer: No.
Response: Poor stupid bastard.

Anonymous said...

Healthy people do not have immune deficiencies. Obesity is one of the risk factors supposed to be related to swine flu deaths.

"He got killed while crossing Queens Blvd."
"Did he cross at the crosswalk?"
"Poor stupid bastard. I wish there were a vaccine for stupidity."

Queens Crapper said...

I didn't get the shot and I am still here, too!

Anonymous said...

Yes Crappy, but don't forget you may be here because me and millions of others got vaccinated.