Sunday, July 27, 2008

Other 4 boroughs' pools are more cool

The Daily News has now visited outdoor public pools in all boroughs, and sadly, those in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island sound much better managed than the ones in Queens.


Anonymous said...

Who has responsibility for Queens parks?

Oh, yeah! That would be Lewandowski.

She and Benepe are some pair!

Both moronically incompetent boobs who claimed their jobs by violating the civil rights of minority women.

Neither one of this wretched pair has compensated their victims by restoring their salary, status, retirement, or office location.

Oh, yeah! That because Benepe and Lewandowski are white, and these women are "of color". Who cares about them. If you can steal a minority's job, so what?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to go to a prole infested public pool in the first place?

Even the YMCA has decent facilities throughout the city. The $1200 annual family membership will at least ensure that you don't have to share the same pool with the unwashed masses!

Anonymous said...

Swim in a public pool and feel like a teabag dunked into an unsanitary third world cup?

Hell no!

Don't eat yellow snow or swim in yellow water!

Maybe that's why pools are painted blue to minimize the appearance of urine.

And increasing chlorination to hazardous levels in an attempt to keep the water clean is no answer.

So the Astoria New Deal era pool
is a
That won't convince me either.

Ridgewoodian said...

WADE NICHOLS: Why would anyone want to go to a prole infested public pool in the first place?

Whoa, Wade, what's with the prole-bating lately, little buddy? I know you say your investments are doing well but remember: these are the people who are going to throw your classist ass up against the wall when the Revolution comes.

"If there is hope, it lies with the proles."

Anonymous said...

The YMCA offers free and low cost memberships to lots of people. Most public schools have partnerships with YMCAs where the kids swim free during school hours (since most public schools do not have pools).

Still a bunch of unwashed masses there as well. Just join a high end sports club and you'll have clean pools that are heated in the winter, with clean facilities. They are all over Manhattan, near most offices.