Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What not working looks like

See that sign that says men working ahead? It's a lie.
Despite the fact that the construction fence is open and there is a big mound of dirt on the sidewalk, there is no work happening here.
Backhoe shoveling dirt onto the property? Never happened.

How do we know this? There's a stop work order here posted last Friday for violating the previous stop-work order that was in effect. Since we all know how seriously these notices are taken by contractors and owners, we therefore have come to the inevitable conclusion that the previous 3 photos were nothing more than optical illusions. Unfortunately the Queens Crap houses are very real, however.

Photos submitted by Juniper Civic.


Frank Lloyd Crap said...

Of course there is no work going on here. You crapheads think that just because trucks, signs, a backhoe and construction workers wearing hard hats are present on a site with a stop work order, it means that construction is going on illegally? Give me a break. I'm sure they just stopped here to eat their lunch or something.

If someone broke the law, I'm sure DOB would never stand for that and would take it very seriously. And I'm sure there are no illegal workers on site and no illegal apartments being built either. There are no problems like this in Queens, and there is no overdevelopment. You people just make it up because you're jealous and your own lives suck. Wah!

Anonymous said...

That's right, Frank, you tell 'em. And there was nothing illegal going on with my house either.

Anonymous said...

maybe they were installing rust on the balconies.

Anonymous said...

It's great that Anthony Como, the replacement for the perverted Gallagher wrote that second comment. It demonstrates that he's on top of this problem.

He needs to be aware of all violations such as this so that he can put that meatball hero down and get right on the case.

Violations of Stop Work Orders are his specialty - er, expertise - oh, Hell, you know what I mean.

Email, phone and fax his office with any information you have on any illegal construction activities.

Insist that he drop everything and handle overdevelopment.

You pay his salary. He's just another municipal employee who needs to be instructed on his responsibilities. His incessant campaigning has to stop. Make him do his job!

Anonymous said...

Gee I like that moniker...
I'm an official "Craphead"

I'm a craphead
he's a craphead
wouldn't you like to be a crap-head too?

( sung to the tune of Dr. Pepper)